How to Experience Luxury Travel


Luxury travel was once only attainable for those with the deepest pockets, with the fattest wallets and with the most lucrative savings accounts. However, in the twenty first century, luxury travel has become more accessible for the masses. No longer do you have to dream about staying in five star hotels or enjoying the best cabin on a cruise ship. Luxury travel is within your grasp. You don’t have to be super wealthy or have rich parents. Read on to find out how luxury travel could be within your grasp.


When we think about long haul flights, we may have the horrors of having to spend eight hours or more cooped up in a seat with little leg room and babies screaming around us. Forget this vision and swap it for a business class flight. Book early enough and business class seats can be half the price that they end up being a week before you are due to fly. If you have racked up enough air miles, you could put these towards your ticket and enjoy a more luxurious flight, enjoying finer cuisine, better service and a more comfortable environment.


If you are heading to the west coast, you could even enjoy a private jet charter in Miami. While you might not be able to afford this alone, pool your resources with pals, and a short charter flight to see the sights of California could be cheaper than you think. Partaking in luxury travel is all about thinking outside of the box and maximizing your bang for your buck.


Traveling by train is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of getting around when on vacation. You might be hot footing it to Japan or somewhere else in the Far East to tour a range of destinations. Yes, Japan is expensive but buy yourself a JR rail pass, and you could be traveling in first class in some of the fastest bullet trains on the planet. The Shinkansen is luxurious, comfortable, and provide exceptional customer service to their paying travelers.

Or perhaps you fancy a ride on the Maharaja Express in India. Book early, and you could find yourself with a fantastic discount while experiencing the hospitality the Rajahs once enjoyed.


Heading away on a cruise can be seen as a bit of an older person’s holiday. However, with the emergence of more bespoke cruises like those to the Norwegian Fjords or to the Mediterranean, you could enjoy a top class cabin for a fraction of the cost that they are advertised at. Hold out, and you could get a last minute upgrade in cabin for a pittance. You could enjoy dining at the chef’s table, have fun at the world class entertainment venues on board, and enjoy a multi stop tour hitting a whole host of luxury destinations.

Traveling is one of life’s luxuries in itself. However, by being organized, utilizing early bird offers, and finding discounted transport options, you can travel in style in a way that won’t break the bank.


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