Turn Your Vacation Into An Adventure

Some people love to sit by the pool with a good book for two weeks on their holiday, others like to spend time shopping and eating in the local restaurants and cafes. But some people want to experience every aspect of their destination, from local history to the landscape. And even though there is no right or wrong way to experience your holiday there are plenty of ways you can turn your holiday into an adventure you and your family will never forget. 



When it comes to experiencing the local area, it’s always a good idea to hire someone that knows what they are talking about to show you around, whether that’s just signing up for the tour operators day trips on a boat. Or book yourself one of the full National Geographic tours you will enjoy your time much more if you’re not stuck finding your way around, or trying to navigate the local towns or villages. But where to start? An excellent place to start is before you leave home, luckily we have the internet at our fingertips these days, and it’s an excellent idea to plan ahead and book your adventures before you get on the plane!



Depending on your destination, this one could be incredible so don’t forget to take your camera, there are mountains and hills many places you go, and each green space is different with plenty of various wildlife, animals and plants to discover. If you have children travelling with you as well as hiking with them, at their level, will be a memorable and educational activity too! Be prepared for plenty of questions aimed at you on a long walk! Don’t forget this is a brilliant way to keep your exercise levels high too which is always a great thing. 

See the sights

This goes without saying if you’re travelling to a European City or somewhere that is renowned for its architecture, but even destinations that aren’t famous for their buildings will have structures you can visit and enjoy. It can be an adventure in itself to discover some of the history your holiday destination holds. Did you know that in 1730 Lanzarote endured one of the most prolonged ever volcanic eruptions which lasted 6 years in total? Luckily this produced a vibrant and prosperous time for those on the island due to the improved soil and the fact that farmers were able to benefit from crops such as tobacco and sugar cane. 


Take a challenge

Individual tour operators will have a list of activities you will be able to choose from before you get to the destination, even some that you may not have thought about before as well. But also if adventure isn’t your thing, why not take advantage of the many fun activities available? Most seaside destinations will have on offer boat trips, water sports and other challenges too, so try booking something you would never usually be brave enough to try and see how it feels? The adrenaline is adventure enough for most and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement too.  

Ultimately your travel plans and adventures are personal to you, but why not get out of your comfort zone on your next holiday and see what you can experience in the time you’re there. It will certainly give you something to talk about when you get back to work! 


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