Cool Gifts for the Best of Friends

Most of us have friends. People that we chat with over a coffee or on our break at work. People who we’ll stop to speak to in the street, and that we make plans to meet up with every now and then. Friends that we enjoy spending time with and look forward to seeing. You might buy these people gifts at Christmas and for their birthdays. Some of these people, you might only ever see in certain situations. Perhaps you stand and chat in the playground while you are waiting to pick the kids up, or maybe you enjoy speaking to them at work, but you don’t socialise in the real world. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t friends, and we all have many different kinds of relationships. They are all important.

But, best friends are something else. Best friends are the people that you could call in the middle of the night for help, and they’d be there. They are the people that you want to talk to when you are upset, and that you share important memories with. Your best friends are the people that you talk to and confide in, the people that you know will always be there for you, no matter what. Often, our best friends are closer than family, and if you’ve got just one of them, you are still incredibly lucky. Sometimes, we want to buy gifts for our best friends, just because we love them and we want to make them smile. Here are some cool gift ideas for your best friends.


If your friend loves pretty accessories and homeware, glass is one of the best. Delicate blown glass in gorgeous colors and patterns is eye-catching and cool. A glass vase or even an ash catcher for a smoker can look amazing, and always makes a welcome gift.

A Spa Day

Modern life is busy, and we don’t all have as much time to spend with our best friends as we’d like. If you are struggling to make time to catch up with yours, why not book a spa day for you both. Pick somewhere close to home, so that you don’t waste time traveling, and enjoy spending some quality time together, chatting and relaxing away from distractions.

Home Spa Supplies

If you don’t have time to get to the spa, buy them some home spa supplies, like a face mask, massage oils, a foot spa, and scented candles instead.

A Friendship Band

Friendship bracelets and other jewelry are childish and a bit silly. But, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great way to show someone that you care. If your friend has quirky boho tastes, you could stick to the classic friendships band, or even make one for yourself. If they’ve got more sophisticated tastes, a simple silver bracelet might be better.

A Wine Tasting or Cooking Session

Wine tasting, cocktail making, and even cooking classes can make a great treat for you both. Book something that you enjoy doing together, to improve your skills for the future. If you don’t want to go out, but like the theme, how about a home cocktail set? Or a subscription to a food service?

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