Gifts for Foodies

Though the holidays are nearly in full swing, there’ll still be some of you out there who have a little bit of last-minute shopping to do. With the online world ready and waiting for us to browse and click, last-minute shopping doesn’t have to be so bad! Perhaps you’ve got a few foodie friends to buy for and are looking for a few ideas? If so, these five should help you out. 


1 . Foodie Trivia Board Game


We all love a good game over the festive season, and a foodie trivia game could be an excellent choice. The Ridley’s brand offer a food and drinks quiz game that’s available on Amazon. If you have enough players, you can divide into teams and play for some festive prizes. Perhaps you’re a bit of a foodie yourself? If so, it could be fun to write your own ‘bonus’ round questions to make the game that little bit more interesting. 


  1. Chocolate truffles Kit


When buying for a chocolate lover, what better gift than a ‘make your own chocolate truffles kit’. Brands like ‘Grow and Make’ offer some great deluxe truffle making boxes. You’ll find cocoa powder, peppermint and vanilla extracts, a thermometer and everything else you’ll need! For a great cook, making the truffles should be fairly simple, so it shouldn’t be much trouble for a foodie pal. The first part involves prepping the ganache filling and the second step, creating the hard shell. Extracts can be added or not depending on preferences. 


  1. Themed Cookery Class


Activities can be excellent gifts to give over the festive season. A cookery class could be particularly well received by a food-loving friend. Try to look out for a particular theme that you feel they’d enjoy best. Perhaps they’d like a Thai or a Spanish themed cooking class? Maybe they like sweet treats and would love a class themed around making some special desserts?


  1. Spices Hamper


Every good cook needs a huge array of spices and herbs! To give your friend all the ingredients that they’ll ever need, a spice hamper could be a great present. You can buy some pretty fancy spice kits, or if you prefer-make one up yourself? Purchase a range of spices, get a nice basket and present them in a makeshift hamper with wrapping. 


  1. Indoor Garden Kit


An indoor garden kit can be a super idea for those who don’t have a garden to grow their own herbs. You can get some lovely kits complete with lighting and even some that water themselves (talk about convenient)! 


If you’re a bit of a cook yourself, perhaps make your friend some festive chutney or jam as a gift? You could even make them their favourite meal when they visit you over the holidays? If you are not much of a cook, you could always order in some delicious el pollo loco tamales (which will surely go down just as well)! 


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