How To Update To Your Perfect Kitchen

As a keen cook or baker, chances are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s really fun and rewarding being able to turn ingredients into spectacular things to eat that wow your family and guests. However if your kitchen isn’t up to scratch, this might not be as enjoyable for you as you’d like and you’ll find yourself getting stressed and frustrated. Here are some ways to remedy the issue. 


Change the layout

If your kitchen is tiny, have you considered knocking down a wall into a dining room or living room to create more of an open plan space? Otherwise you could extend outwards for extra room. These are both more expensive options, however if your small kitchen just isn’t cutting the mustard then it’s a way that you can make it bigger and improve it. Going with a part glass structure like a conservatory can be less expensive and time consuming than a full brick extension too. 


Declutter and find the right storage

If your kitchen is an ok size but you never seem to have enough space, more than likely it’s clutter that’s the problem. Spend time getting rid of things you don’t need or use. Burned pans can go in the bin, old small appliances you never use can be donated. Clear room on the countertop and find good storage solutions to put other things away but so they can easily be retrieved when you want one. Having a pantry built can be really useful, it saves you loads of space and you can grab whatever you need at a glance. Spend time sorting things into glass or plastic jars and labelling them, that way it keeps long life items fresh and prevents pests from getting in. 


Get the temperature right

The temperature in the kitchen can be an issue, as when the oven is on, it can become unbearably warm. Consider having AC installed or look into emergency AC repair if you already have a system but it hasn’t been working correctly. Things like ceiling and extractor fans can also help to keep the temperature down, and smoke and steam accumulating too. For cold days, new style radiators look modern and things like column radiators don’t take up a lot of wall space. 


Give it a lick of paint

Even if you can’t afford a brand new kitchen, a coat of paint can make it look fresh and clean. Paint cupboard doors with cupboard paint and replace handles for a new look. Paint the walls a light, neutral shade to make it look bigger and brighter. It’s a good idea to choose washable/ wipeable paint in the kitchen as you can keep it clean even with splashes and spills from pots and pans. 


Have you recently improved your kitchen? How did you go about it?


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