Personalized Gifts from the Heart for Valentine’s Day

There are gifts that are thoughtful and then there are gifts that take your breath away. Thinking long and hard about what your lover wants on Valentine’s Day, will often lead you gifts that are off-the-shelf, but very precise. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that kind of gift-giving. But if you want to blow their socks off, make them feel like they’re the only one in the world who matters to you, you have to put your personal touch on things. It’s clearly a way of showing appreciation by going the extra mile. Only you know their deepest darkest secrets and the way something makes them feel. You have the information needed about their personality and it’s time to use it to your advantage by giving them a loving personalized gift.

A classy chic pair

We are in the dead of winter. The charm of Christmas has been lifted and heavy snow and blizzards become the norm. During this time of the year, there is a certain type of clothing that keeps you warm. Thick, high-quality fabrics, exquisite leathers and snug designs are the way to stay comfortably insulated. So for this Valentine’s Day, give your significant other a pair of personalized leather gloves. Sleek leather gloves are made to be close-fitting. They may not have a lot of stuffing, but they make up for this by using high-quality linings. You can expect lamb’s wool, Highland sheep’s wool, deer pelt and Egyptian cotton linings that will keep hands very warm; even in freezing temperatures.

You can have gloves embroidered or embossed by certain brands. The top brands like Dents, Aspinal of London and Hugo Boss will allow personalized gloves to leave their workshops if you’re willing to pay a little extra. Some locations will offer this service in-store, but you can contact the website and they will be more than happy to help you. Embroidering your lover’s name or initials on the leather would be a superb way to make this gift unique. Alternatively, you can emboss a message at the cuffs of the gloves.

Love in the living room

Look back throughout the plethora of photos you have taken together. Which one stands out the most to you? Maybe it was when you went traveling through Japan, or when you went rock climbing in Brazil, or perhaps when you went cruising down the English countryside. Take the photo that expresses your love for one another the most, and print it on a personalized sofa pillow. Printing technology has advanced so much, so now the photos you print on fabric won’t peel away and the colors won’t fade. This gives you the perfect opportunity to place a photo of you two kissing on a soft sofa pillow as a personalized gift to your better half.

Go with a high-quality fabric such as a mixture of Egyptian cotton and high-threat nylon. Red is the only color to choose for this special day. However, you can be creative with your shape of the pillow, such as ordering it in a heart-shaped design. Would you like it borderless or with a ruffled edge? Go with a hand-sewn product as the detail will be clearer and greater care will be taken with the stitching.

Made with love

You know what your partner likes when it comes to treats. You know what makes them smile, what excites their taste buds and how happy they become when enjoying certain types of flavors. These types of quirks and personality traits are only known by the closest people in their lives. So why not make them a treat with your own bare hands? What a wonderful way to express your love, by creating something scrumptious in the kitchen. Before you start, ask yourself what kinds of chocolate does your better half like the most? Gather all the ingredients and begin melting your chocolate.

The basic process is to break up a solid bar of chocolate, into a glass bowl. Place the bowl over boiling water and allow the steam from the saucepan to melt the chocolate. Add in a little unsalted butter to make it glossy and rich. Now you can add in whatever you like. Crushed nuts, lime zest, rice crispies, dried raspberries, sultanas or even espresso. Pour the mixture onto non-stick baking paper and let it cool in the fridge. Before any of this, you should create a personalized wrapper from the Candy Wrapper Store. Print photos, hand-drawn designs and write messages to make a truly unique chocolate bar gift. When you’re ready to cut the block into bars, size them to the wrappers, place them in the foil and you’re ready to wow your lover.

A symbolic statement

Personalized jewelry would blow every other type of gift out of the water. It’s a statement that few others can match. A personalized necklace would be a true finishing item for any outfit. It’s clearly visible, it would make her feel special and etch a layer of unmistakable elegance to her character. There are many types of necklace that lend themselves to being personalized more easily than others. Consider a ring necklace, as it provides plenty of surface area to write words rather than just initials. A birthstone necklace might be a bit smaller and therefore constrained to an initial, but the material would be unique to the person.

However, if you choose a birthstone disc necklace, then you’re offered room to write a name or small message. If your lover is a little mystical in your eyes, a star, sun and moon necklace with their initials would be an excellent way to warm their heart on Valentine’s Day. Matching their personality with the material is just as important. Do a little research and see whether gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, copper or stones such as marble and jade would be most suitable.

How would you feel if you were given a Valentine’s Day gift that couldn’t be found anywhere in the world? You would be gobsmacked and emotional. Personalized gifts such as a sofa pillow with a photo print of you two sharing a memorable moment or a necklace with her name on it are great ways to express your undying love.

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