Preparing for Your Next Travel Adventure

Your travel plans were probably derailed this year. Thanks to the pandemic that has swept the world, you may have been forced into a staycation instead of your usual travel adventure. 


Unfortunately, this might be the trend for the foreseeable future. Many of us are still in a lockdown situation, and you might be too. Your hopes of traveling anytime soon might have to be put on hold, especially if the countries you have been considering have closed their borders to outside travelers. 


While this sucks, there is little point in being downcast about it. Instead, be proactive, and do what you can while you’re at home to prepare for your next expedition. Here are some suggestions. 


#1: Create a travel mood board


Bring your travel daydreams to life with a vision board. Traditionally, you may have done this by cutting out pictures from travel magazines and sticking them to cardboard, but in today’s modern age, you can also do this online. You could collate images from all over the internet and combine them into a mood board on Pinterest, perhaps by using the free mood board maker at Adobe. Include everything, from travel destinations to bucket list activities, and let it be the basis of your future travel planning. 


#2: Start making savings


Now is the perfect time to save money for your travels, so do what you can to make cutbacks in all aspects of your life. Consider taking on a side-hustle too, as you could make some extra cash while at home, perhaps by offering your skills online to others. By the time people are allowed to travel freely again, you could have quite a bit of money saved up. This might give you the means to travel for longer, and you might have more opportunities to do more while you’re away. 


#3: Shop online for your travel essentials


While you should save as much money as you can, you might still want to stock up on what you might need to take with you on your travels. This might include camera equipment, hiking gear, tents, a new backpack, and even a sleeping bag. Then there are the seasonal clothes you will need to wear, be that the tees2urdoor shirts you could pack for the summer, or any woolies you might need for a winter adventure. 


#4: Learn a language


When you have an idea of what country you would like to visit, use your time wisely by learning the native language. This is something we should all do anyway, not only because of the convenience it can offer us while we’re away, but because it’s respectful to the people whose land we will be visiting. Check out these online language courses, and choose something according to your budget and level of expertise. 


So, don’t waste your time at home feeling blue because your travel plans have been postponed. Use your time wisely, as you might lift your spirits as you plan for your next globe-trotting adventure. 

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