Dressing for a Classy Night Out


While many of us are encountering travel lockdowns and the closer of restaurants, it’s true that this won’t last forever, and it’s also true that when we’re able to return, making a night of things and having a positive experience doing so can be a great idea. Sometimes it pays to go all out, especially after the kind of year many of us have had.

Dressing for a classy night out, then, is actually quite a fun thing to do. Remember, no matter if you’re invited to a wonderful event, or if it’s of your own making, you don’t have to overthink this. No one is expecting you to be perfect, or to wear the most impressive clothes, or to even own the clothes you wear. Renting a suit for a night, for example, is a perfectly acceptable thing to do provided it fits.


This being said, what advice can help you in this situation if you feel a little nervous? It might  be that while you have certain hallmark items like an FP Journe watch or beautiful jewelry ready to go, you wish for some principles to help you put your outfit together. Let’s consider:


Make Sure It’s Fitted


You don’t have to wear the ‘right’ clothes, that is, you don’t have to obsess over if this design or that design is best to wear, provided they fit the theme of the night. It’s much more important to make sure clothes are fitted, and that you can wear them with confidence. Simply measuring yourself can help you shop easier, but it can also be that meeting with a tailor and having them size you up can help you understand what clothing adjustments you may need, or where is best to shop in the first place.


Consider The Event


Considering the event is an important consideration. If you’re coming together to celebrate someone after a funeral that day, it could be that the intention behind your dressing-up is much different, and much less appropriate for trying new clothing designs, than it would be heading on a date night with your spouse. Consider the event and the space. Are you visiting the opera? It might be that a tuxedo takes precedence over a standard suit. Always check in advance, so you can gain a social read on the situation. This will help you avoid making mistakes.

Add Tasteful Accessories


Tasteful accessories can be a brilliant addition to any classy outfit, and sometimes, seasonal accessories can also be a great idea. Pumpkin-shaped small earrings could be a lovely addition to a Halloween dinner, for example. Tie designs, coloring your hair, shoes that help you showcase your investment in the event, a simple bag that helps match most of your outfits but also helps you continually reaching into your pockets (or worrying about your lack of them), can all be worthwhile measures of feeling like you have a statement bringing your outfit together.

It’s worth looking into a few brands and finding some new ones you could like. Many of these can be quite tasteful, such as Emigre. Depending on your tastes and fashion sense, you’ll find more than a few accessories you can pick up. From bags to jewelry, there’s a lot to look through.

With this advice, we hope you can feel confident and as beautiful as you are in your skin, even if attending a superbly classy night out.

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