What To Do When You Want to Travel But Can’t

The COVID-19 pandemic really put a stop to normal life in the last year  Anyone who had travel plans in 2020 found that their plans had been put on hold, and 2021 is not looking promising thus far due to global travel restrictions.   


Instead of being out to explore the incredible things that our world has to offer, keen travelers are sitting at home, feeling a bit lost. So, how do you appease those ever-consuming sentiments of wanderlust when the world is on pause for the foreseeable future? Let us take a look.

Pinpoint exactly what it is you are missing


Some people love to travel because they want to see famous monuments and places. Some people love to travel to experience new cultures and food. Some people just want to get away from the drudgery of ‘normal’ life and some want time to really relax. Of course, for some people it is a combination of all of these. 


However, if you can pinpoint what it is that you are missing about traveling, it is easier to find a way to recreate that. If you are missing new foods – look online for some recipes from a new cuisine and make it for dinner. If you wish it was being surrounded by a different language, why not use the time to learn a few words and phrases?


Book into a local hotel


Sometimes, just being away from the house can be good enough. fIf the hotels in your area are still open, book one for a night or two and get away from the cooking and cleaning and everyday stuff. your  If you can’t leave the house or stay overnight, make up your bedroom, put on your fluffiest robe and slippers, order in take-out and pretend you are somewhere else. Look online for something new to watch – perhaps a film set in an exotic location or a documentary. There are plenty available to watch on torrent sites – EZTV is one popular option


Set yourself a project


Remember when you were in school and you had to do a paper or a project on a particular country? Why not set yourself one as an adult? Choose a country that you do not know much about or are keen to visit as soon as the restrictions lift, and find out everything you can about it. If you have kids, it is a great homeschool project to work on with them.


Write a blog


The great thing about bloggers (like us!) is that they have much more normal experiences than celebrities and those on TV and in glossy magazines have. They stay in normal hotels, have the usual problems of queues and lost luggage and not being able to find a taxi. Why not build your own travel blog and share your experiences so far with people all over the world?


Not being able to travel at the moment is hard for those who experience wanderlust. While these ideas can’t replace the joy of a trip, they can help to get you through until you can travel again. 


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