Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Wish You Had Bought Sooner

For those that love cooking, spending time in the kitchen prepping and cooking food isn’t a problem. However, not everyone is wired that way, and even though cooking isn’t the worst thing in the world, you wouldn’t mind shaving some time off the amount of time you spend in the kitchen. Thankfully, we live in an age where there are a plethora of gadgets available in the kitchen that can help with prepping, reduce food cooking times, and even solve problems you didn’t realize were a thing. Here are some kitchen gadgets you’ll wish you bought sooner that will help make prepping and cooking food so much easier!


Multi-tool prepping

If you’re the type to cook food in batches and freeze it for later, then you’ll know only too well how much your arm and hands ache after prepping ingredients to cook. A recent and popular tool on the market is a multi-tool food prep device that has an array of different blades and cutters that will make chopping, slicing and dicing your food faster and much easier. Many on the market also come with a handy storage container to capture the food and prevent any food waste.

Air fryer

Another gadget fairly new on the scene is the air fryer. People are more conscious of how they’re cooking their food in this day and age, and deep fat frying food isn’t as popular as it used to be – and rightly so! Cooking meals in a deep pan of fat isn’t going to do your health any good. Enter the air fryer. An air fryer needs minimal or no fat to cook your food to perfection, and you can cook all sorts from chicken wings, sausage balls, potatoes, and even pastries! Not only are they a health alternative cooking method, but air fryers actually cook food faster in some cases, shaving off time spent in the kitchen.

Slow cooker

Everyone has those days where they can’t be bothered to spend long in the kitchen, and if you know you’ve got a busy day ahead, then the slow cooker may just save you a lot of time and energy. Simply pop your ingredients in your slow cooker in the morning, set it to low, and let your food slowly cook ready to serve at dinner time. They’re a great way of ensuring the family has nutritious food even on the busiest of days.

Vacuum sealing machine

Packing food into the freezer can be a pain, especially when products come in all shapes and sizes. A vacuum sealing machine solves this problem! Not only will packing your freezer become an easy task, but a vacuum sealer allows you to portion out your food with ease.

Countertop compost machine

Finally, we live in an age where we’re more conscious about the environment, and those that don’t have a garden now have the option to discard food waste in a countertop compost machine! You can save the amount you send to landfill and produce nutritious soil for your indoor plants!

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