Four Signs Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Many preschools enroll children around 2-3 years of age. Some will accept younger children, while others will take kids nearly up until they start kindergarten. Of course, that’s just a guideline. 

If you’re interested in sending your child to preschool, you have to know when they’re ready, and when you’ll feel comfortable making that choice for them. 


If you’re not quite sure whether your child is ready to handle preschool, even for a few hours each day, there are a few telltale signs to look for. Preschool can be an especially helpful tool for mothers over 35, as it gives you the opportunity to go back to work or take care of things at home while allowing your child to socialize, gain independence, and get a jumpstart on their own education. 


With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways you should be able to tell if your little one is ready for their preschool adventure. 



  1. They Can Focus on a Task


One of the best ways to know if your child is ready for preschool is to watch their activities at home. If they’re “working” on something, or even playing quietly, can they focus on that one task for an extended period of time? 


If you give them a coloring book or let them play with clay, how long will they be able to focus on that? In preschool, your child will be expected to sit and participate in different types of activities. While these activities are tailored to young children, they still require patience and focus. 


  1. They Are Potty Trained


This is one of the biggest factors to consider. Some preschool facilities require children to be potty trained before they can attend. If your child isn’t yet potty trained but you think they would otherwise be ready to go to preschool, now could be the perfect time to start working on it!


  1. They’re Eager to Interact With Others


A big benefit of preschool is that it will help your child with their socialization skills. If your little one always wants to talk to you, other family members, or pretty much anyone they meet, they will love interacting with kids their own age, teachers, etc. 


Not only is the interaction good for them now, but it will teach them social skills and communication skills that they can carry with them forever. 


  1. They Can Tell You What They Want


Preschool teachers are wonderful, but they aren’t mind readers. It’s important for your child to be able to effectively communicate with adults and let them know what they want or need before attending preschool.  They should know how to tell someone if they need to use the bathroom, if they’re hungry, not feeling well, etc. 


Make sure your child knows how to express themselves and their basic needs. If they do, they shouldn’t have a problem in a preschool setting. 


There are more signs, of course, that your child might be ready for preschool. But, keep these in mind as you observe your child at home. If you think they check all of the boxes, it might be time to get them enrolled.  

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