Going Green at Home

Times have changed, and going green has never been so important as it is now – it has also never been as easy as it is in these modern times. Sustainable living is a massive movement that’s being inherited by countries all across the globe, bringing newer and more efficient ways of living more eco-friendly to the forefront. Governments and industry experts everywhere are pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology to provide a way of life that is beneficial to the environment and society. But where does one start in order to jump on the train that is sustainable living? Have a look down below at steps you can take to bring this lifestyle to the homefront and start living a greener, cleaner life.


Plastic means pollution

One of the easiest ways you can make a difference is by cutting down on your home’s plastic usage. Rather than using plastic bags, opt for the utilization of reusable produce bags – you can even make your own but be sure to wash them every so often. Plastic bags take decades to degrade, which is why they are so harmful to the environment; you can even store containers to use when you go shopping in bulk which is also very helpful for the going-green concept. Also, you can reduce your plastic usage by cutting out plastic straws when at a restaurant or somewhere else – steel straws are just as handy and can be kept in your bag or the car for wherever you’re heading to. Over 30 million tons of plastic are disposed of in the United States alone. Only 7 percent is recycled, so cutting plastic usage is of paramount importance to live more sustainably. 


Renewable energy source


In addition to using less energy but switching electronics off when you’re not using them, you can switch to using a renewable energy source to power your home in order to have a green-powered home. Some states in the United States have adopted a way of supplying their residents and business owners with renewable energy without anyone having to put solar panels on their roofs. This is a major game-changer, seeing as the high cost of solar paneling has diverted many people in the past from going green with their power supply. One of the most significant benefits of this community solar project is that, for the most part, it will save its users money on their utility bills. This may serve as an incentive for people to climb on board this initiative and start participating in making a change in our environmental struggles. You can go to www.choosesolar.com for more information on this groundbreaking project. 


Reducing, reusing, and recycling is still a viable way of reducing your household’s carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of waste you produce, reusing old containers and other products, and recycling materials, society can be the change they want to see and leave a world behind that is thriving and healthy for future generations to build upon.


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