Spicing Up Simple Dishes

A simple dish is something that doesn’t take long to put together, and usually only has three or four ingredients in it. As such, usually they come with limited flavor, no matter how comforting and familiar that flavor might be! And for some people, that’s just a little too boring sometimes, especially if you like eating rich foods from all over the world. 

What can you do about these small flavor palettes? Well, you can spice them up a little, and we’ve got some tips for you below on doing just that. If you’re a big foodie, you’ll definitely want to keep these ideas in mind for your next big dinner with the family. 


Creating Better Pastas


Pasta is a staple of many diets, and when it comes to adding some new, fun flavors to a dish, you can be very creative. Pasta really can go with everything, and when you’re tired of sprinkling cheese and adding tomato, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Try throwing in some spices, including the ‘hot’ jars you keep at the back of your cupboard. 


Even when you’re just using a store bought sauce, you can add your own touches to it to make it really flavorful. Popping in some crushed garlic, or some chilli/pepper flakes, or even just a bit of cream for a more balanced palette, is going to elevate your Sunday night Spaghetti to a new level! 


Adding a Bit More to Salads


Salads can be delicious to tuck into, and that surprises a lot of people! However, they can also just be lumps of green leaves that have little to offer, and we never want a plate like that to grace our dinner tables. We want something that both looks and smells good to tuck into, and when you’ve got a salad to get the kids interested in, you’re going to have to break out the big flavor guns. 


So you’re going to need to create some new and interesting dressings. Various types of vinaigrettes are always a reliable, lovely pick, but you can also go further afield here with barely any effort. Buy some simple dressings, like Ranch, or pumpkin seed oil, and don’t be afraid to use them liberally! Little ones will certainly love strong flavors like these. 


When You Hate Vegetables


And finally, many people hate the taste of vegetables – they can be hard to chew, bitter to the taste, and just completely unappetising when they’re not cooked right. So, you’re going to have to learn some new ways to throw a vegetable dish together, in a way that even kids will be eagerly digging into. 


Roasting vegetables, with a bit of salt and pepper alone, is a great way to cook them to be palatable. However, why not make use of glazes, and other spices, to really impress around the dinner table? 


A simple dish doesn’t have to be boring; don’t be afraid to experiment with your ingredients. 

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