What’s Causing Your Childs Poor Grades

As a parent, you are always going to want to make sure that your child’s education is going to plan, and that they are learning everything they need to learn. But when they start showing up at home with poorer and poorer grades, that can be a real worry. Part of the difficulty here is that there are many different potential causes that might be underlying the poor grades, so you will need to try and work out which it is. In this article, we will take you through some of the more common examples of what can cause poor grades, so you can look out for these and act accordingly.

Learning Difficulties

For some children, the reason they get bad grades is simply because they have some kind of learning difficulty. There are many forms of learning difficulty, and they are quite common, so there is always a chance that your child has this issue. If you think your child might have dyslexia, for instance, you should get it checked out to see whether that is the case – and then use the appropriate solutions for that situation, learn about effective dyslexia books, and see what help they can get.

Communication Issues

Sometimes a child will not be doing so well because they are not getting that much attention from the teacher, and therefore not much actual teaching time either. When this happens, it is often the result of poor communication – either on the part of the teacher, or the child, or a combination of the two. You need to speak to the teacher in this case, as well as your child, and see where the problem lies. Sometimes it’s as simple as a loud child disrupting things for the rest of the class!


Lack Of Focus

Children also often suffer with a lack of focus, and this can itself be caused by a huge range of issues. For instance, it might be that they just don’t have much in the way of motivation for the subject in question. At the other extreme end, it could be that they have something like ADHD – but it is best not to jump to that conclusion unless you have a strong reason to think so. In any case, a lack of focus can often be solved by improving the motivation behind the task, so work on that with your child.


Emotional Problems

Human beings of all ages struggle to concentrate when they are going through emotional turmoil. If your child is a teenager, there is every chance that they are currently going through some difficult emotional times, and that this is affecting their school work. The solution here will depend on the severity and nature of the emotional problem. It could be worth getting the school therapist to talk to your child, or it might just be a matter of talking to them yourself. In any case, be sure to help them out – and don’t simply tell them off for their low grades.

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