Catch Me Cookies


Hey! You found the secret page.  Congratulations!  You must really like homemade cookies. There’s just something about a fresh baked cookie, isn’t there?

As a cookbook author, former on-air television chef, and recipe developer for major brands, such as KitchenAid, Pillsbury, General Mills, and Hershey, I have found that the recipes that make me happiest are the ones involving cookies.  But – here’s the downside.  All of those cookies need to be eaten.  As much as I would love to, I simply can not eat them all.

Are you up for the challenge?

Over the years I have developed what I consider to be my finest achievement: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.  As I am married to a professional poker player, I’ve deemed this masterpiece The Lucky Chip.  Every week, Monday through Friday, I bake a few dozen cookies, both Lucky Chips and an experimental Cookie of the Day, from S’mores to Oreo Chunk.  By 10am I am out and about in the North Houston areas of Spring and The Woodlands, making deliveries of The Lucky Chip and the Cookie Of The Day to those in the know.  Less than 100 cookies are available each day, so…are you clever enough to catch one? Considering MOST clients scoop up 6 to 36, you have to be quick!

Email me and I’ll drop by, in order of your email.  Need a standing reservation?  Join the club.  Purchase a total of 12 or more on your Catch Me Day, and I’ll drop by that same time next week with at least 12 more.



Catch Me!

Email CatchMe (AT) doughmesstic (Dot) com with your request.  I’ll need to know how many you want, and where.  Maybe tell your coworkers, so they can order too and you can make a group order.  Otherwise, they will likely steal your cookies when you look away.  I would hate to be responsible for that.

Catch Me Cookies

Pricing is CASH ONLY.

  • 1 cookie – $2
  • 3 cookies – $5
  • 12 cookies – $18
  • 50 or more cookies (seriously, order these at least 3 days in advance!) – $1.00 each

I will try my best to get everyone a cookie that gets in touch with me in advance, but as warned, cookies go fast and there are no promises without a standing reservation.  Now you know the drill, and all you have to do is Catch Me.  Good Luck!

Please know this…Catch Me Cookies are not gluten free.  They are not sugar free, or healthy in any way. They are also not nut free. Though some do NOT include nuts, they are not made in a nut free environment.  ObviouslyI am a nut.