Bacon Cheeseburger Deviled Eggs

I have been on a deviled egg tare as of late…I seriously can’t get enough of them. For one thing, they are very carb friendly, and considering my new, weirdo diet, no carbs is a great thing for me.  Deviled Eggs have made my life tasty enough to manage through the weeks with no sugar, […]

Fluffy Eggs with Bacon and Chives

You know, I did not invent this dish myself. Let’s just put that out there – I am not the genius behind this.  And heck, truth be told, I didn’t bother to Google – it could be that every blogger and their brother have posted a Fluffy Egg recipe.  very other restaurant in the country […]

Italian Egg Frittata

Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? It’s hard, I know. I read that most people don’t even make it to March before giving up. Not surprising… I still haven’t started mine, but I’m always a little late to the game. That’s all about to change. First things first, I need to start being […]

Inside Out Crepe Omelets

Did you know that next week – January 31st, to be exact – is the Official Backwards Day? You can stand on your head, read the end of a book first, wear your clothes inside out (that’s why I do it, ahem…of course, I don’t accidentally wear a tee shirt all day inside out), or, […]

Deep Fried Poached Eggs…and a Le Creuset Giveaway

I know…whaaaat? But yes.  Deep Fried Poached Eggs. Imagine the ways you could use these.  In a sandwich.  On a burger.  In the most creative Eggs Benedict ever.  Atop pasta, or a bowl of cheesy grits, as I’ve done here.  There’s just no way in which deep fried poached eggs won’t be a game changer. […]

Sweet Potato Hash and Sunny Eggs

Sometimes, you just want something simple.  Dinner seems impossible, the day was too long, the night is filled with more work than you care to think about.  On days like this, I like to think breakfast for dinner. Pancakes.  Waffles.  Bacon and sausage. Eggs. This sweet potato hash is an easy solution that will have […]

Chocolate Charlotte Russe Cake

I’ve got a gift for you today.  It rhymes with delicious.  You can thank me, and my friends at Safest Choice™ Eggs for it later.  Yeah, they sponsored this post, and you are in for a real treat. So mark your calendars, folks…this is my first trifle on Doughmesstic. Ever. It won’t be my last. […]

Orange, Lemon & Pomegranate Pie

Tell me you like pie. Better yet, tell me you like pie topped in mounds of meringue.  Do you?  Do you need some inspiration?  I am here to deliver. Pomegranate and Citrus Pie, topped off with a glorious Marshmallow Meringue. It was my intent to make a simple lemon tart. I was craving one, after […]

S’mores Crème Brulee…and a Book Tour Begins!

I guess you know by now I wrote a cookbook, all about S’mores. I hope you like them…because as of this coming Thursday, I am headed out in a huge book tour, beginning in Chicago!  This is the perfect city for me to begin in, as I was planning to be there anyway for the […]