Garden Fresh Summer Pasta Salad

Corn. Tomatoes. Cucumbers.  Fresh greens and herbs. What could spell out summer any better? Well, you could add pasta. Summer is all about ease.  Easy eating, easy prep, easy clean up.  It’s hot, y’all, so let’s keep it simple.  No one wants to be trapped indoors over a stovetop or scorching oven.  So what do […]

Cheesy Corn Filled Holiday Corn Muffins

I bet you have a big holiday dinner coming up, don’t you?  Full of ham or turkey, lots of salads and sides, desserts and breads.  It’s a LOT of work. A lot. So I am here to help you.  No…I’m not making dinner FOR you.  I’m just here to offer a little help in the […]

Smooth Roasted Corn Soup with Peppers and Shrimp

One of the best things about my job as a blogger is the amazing places I get to travel.  Take for example, late September in Fresno when I was on the Raisin Tour…miles and miles of grape vineyards, gorgeous sunsets, and farms as far as the eye can see.  One evening we gathered at the […]

Living Like Corn Royalty at the Iowa Corn 250

I am spoiled.  Plain and simple. Take this past weekend, for prime example.  I was invited back to Iowa, along with Jon, to attend the 5th Annual Iowa Corn 250 Indy Car Race, as well as hang out in Des Moines for a couple of days and enjoy all the city has to offer. We […]

Time To Get Corny. And Win A Flip Video Camera!

Last week I was lucky enough to be a part of the Iowa Corn Growers & Farmers Feed US CORNucopia Tour.  You may have seen a few tweets here and there from me recently, questioning who eats what and why, mainly focusing on Grain Fed versus Grass Fed Beef.  It was something we learned a […]