Arm & Hammer…Did You Know? (and a Giveaway!)

Okay, for the past few months I have been working closely with Arm & Hammer, reviewing a few of their products, sampling a few goodies, and of course, using their famous baking soda in my baked goods. Sure, I also have a box sitting in my fridge, absorbing odors.  Everyone knows you should so this.  […]

Mother’s Day Treat Pop Cake Bouquet

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! In case you are still looking for a gift  for mom, here’s a fun and yummy project I designed for Michaels.  Yes, THAT Michaels!  I now do projects for them about once a month, and you’ll be able to find the results on their website.  Fun, right?  I know, I know.  […]

Easter Bunny Cookies

It’s not every day I get an email that stuns me. Like, the day I get an email from someone wanting to put photos of MINE on a site like, ahem,  Someone at Walmart knows my name, other than the boy I kissed in fourth grade, and, of course, the chick on Aisle Seven […]

Quick Valentine Caddy

Have you ever been on Pinterest, gawking around, and stumbled upon a craft so insanely easy you wonder why you never thought of it? Yeah, me either. But I’m hoping you’ll think, wow, clever idea that Doughmesstic chic had.  Wish I’d have thought of it. Because here’s the deal…it’s not really even a craft. It’s […]

How To: Wine Bottle Tablescape

Hello again! Hope everyone is surviving (and at this point in the game, I do mean surviving) the holidays.  I feel like we’ve been in the car, on the highway, in a hotel, in a guest room, at a dinner party, at a family gathering, eating a ham, eating a cake, eating another ham, drinking […]

Lowe’s DIY Fall Project: Adirondack Chairs {And a Giveaway!}

I will be 100% honest here… I did not personally make these gorgeous Adirondack chairs. That would be Jon, who, using me as a cheerleader, made a set of plans on cardboard, cut out each piece of lumber, and screwed each piece into place.  We’ve been wanting a set for quite some time, but in […]

How To: Make a Birdhouse

Happy weekend friends!  I hope you have grand plans to do something fantastic.  Or at least sleep in. If you happen to be looking for a craft or project to get into though, look no further.  I have a birdhouse that I think you’ll really like! In case you didn’t get the memo, I am […]

What You Write About When You Don’t Have a Kitchen

Or, in other words, what you write about if you are me. For the past month I have made things in a toaster oven, a crock pot, or on a griddle.  Or I have gone to my mother’s house and hijacked her oven.  None of these options are ideal.  But in the end, this kitchen […]

Cute Halloween Crafts

I want to be super mom. You know, that mom who shows up to school events with the cutest crafts, the fanciest cupcakes, the most sleek hair and skinny jeans. Okay, most of that’s not going to happen. I MAY win the cupcake contest though.  Hair and skinny jeans?  Not a chance.  I’m lucky to […]