Peanut Butter Pie

I wish I loved peanut butter. Really, truly, LOVED peanut butter.  My Rust does.  Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he will sneak out of bed, and five minutes later will snuggle up close, smelling of spoonfulls of JIF.  I can’t tell you exactly how many giant jars we go through every month, but […]

German Chocolate Pie

My Aunt Sylvia? She makes the best German Chocolate Cake. Every year for Thanksgiving, I count on a big slice of it…hands down, she’s got this cake thing in the bag. Chocolate. Thick, rich, coconutttttty. German Chocolate Cake. Today just so happens to be National German Chocolate Cake Day. I tend to buck the system […]

Devil’s Food Holiday Whoopie Pies…and a Giveaway

I like easy things. I especially like easy things that are delicious. Whoopie Pies are delicious. Now – Whoopie Pies, or rather, Devil’s Food Holiday Whoopie Pies, are both…easy AND delicious. This is all thanks to Pillsbury and their Celebration Starters. Say what? Yeah, go with me on this one. Box Mix.  Embrace it.  It’s […]

Coconut Key Lime Pies…and a Trip to The Keys

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I spent a week last month tooling around the Florida Keys.  Poor ME.  Woe is ME.  Forced to travel to some amazing hotels, incredible restaurants, and eat 9 different Key Lime Pies. Yes, I did.  I tasted NINE different Key Lime Pies. Before the trip, I had […]

S’mores Hand Pies…from Cravings of a Lunatic

Well folks, today is my last official day of the second leg of my S’mores Cookbook tour.  It’s been amazing!  I’ve been so many gorgeous places, had such wonderful events, and met so many fantastic people. Today’s post is coming from Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic I met Kim last year at Mixed, you […]

Orange, Lemon & Pomegranate Pie

Tell me you like pie. Better yet, tell me you like pie topped in mounds of meringue.  Do you?  Do you need some inspiration?  I am here to deliver. Pomegranate and Citrus Pie, topped off with a glorious Marshmallow Meringue. It was my intent to make a simple lemon tart. I was craving one, after […]

Orange and Vanilla Cream Fresh Fruit Tart

I love the look of those fancy tarts you see in the bakery window.  You know the ones – the glassy fruit topped tarts, looking glazed and gorgeous, and you just want to HAVE IT. Must. Have. The. Tart. Well, I never actually BUY them.  And as it turns out, I can make them in […]

Mini White Chocolate and Apple Tarts

I get asked to develop recipes, pretty much every day.  I know that shocks people that know me, er, well, knew me, as only five years ago, I could barely boil water.  And now, I get paid to think up ways to prepare pie. Or tarts, in this case.  White Chocolate and Apple Tarts.

Grilled Blueberry Cheesecake Pies

You read that right.  Grilled Pie.  I was challenged by Pillsbury to create a pie that could be made on a gas or charcoal grill, and I have to say – I was pretty keen on that idea! Why not? A grill can cook.  It holds temperature.  If you are going to be outdoors, cooking […]