Decorating for the Holidays

Can you believe we just had Thanksgiving, and Christmas is breathing down our necks? Crazy. I’m pretty sure it was just Easter.  I never even made it to a single pool this year. Fact.  Okay, wait.  I did.  I went to The Homestead in September, and they had a heated lazy river.  You and both […]

Lowe’s DIY Fall Project: Adirondack Chairs {And a Giveaway!}

I will be 100% honest here… I did not personally make these gorgeous Adirondack chairs. That would be Jon, who, using me as a cheerleader, made a set of plans on cardboard, cut out each piece of lumber, and screwed each piece into place.  We’ve been wanting a set for quite some time, but in […]

Grape Harvest…Grape Juice, Grape Jelly, and other Grape Recipes

About seven years ago (I really can’t believe it’s been that long), Jon decided we needed a grape arbor.  Okay, perhaps it was ME that decided we needed an grape arbor, but it was Jon that agreed to build it.  I spent a few days designing it – sorry, nothing is ever as easy as […]

Kitchen Renovations…with Lowe’s! {And a Giveaway!}

So…you’ve seen my new KitchenAid Appliances.  You’ve seen my Moen faucets.  You’ve seen a couple of teaser photos of the other improvements – improvements made with the help of Lowe’s! One of the most dramatic improvements was the backsplash.  The glass tiles (not ceramic, solid glass) came in square foot sheets, and lucky for me, […]

Sprucing Up the Backyard with Lowes {and a Giveaway!}

I’ve told you before how lucky I am, right? Yeah, I know it. I’m a really lucky girl.  I work for myself, from home.  I have gotten to keep my son with me everyday, instead of sending him to day care.  I’ve gotten to travel, I’ve gotten to test out new products, I’ve gotten to […]

My KitchenAid Remodel Reveal…{and a Giveaway!}

Oh, kids, it’s been a long time coming. I showed you some befores. Some durings. A few glimpses of what’s been happening around here. And now, I am finally going to show you the Full On After. Yes, it’s been a long time coming. What started in January with an offer from my friends at […]

Outdoor Improvements with Lowes {And a Giveaway!}

I know you’re supposed to relax in the summer.  Or, at least I’ve HEARD that’s what you are supposed to do. Except I never see anyone actually relaxing.  There are yards to mow, weeds to whack, grills to clean, gardens to tend.  Basically, more work than in the winter. And hotter. But, things need to […]

Front Porch Makeover…and a Giveaway from Lowe’s!

Remember how I was embarrassed to show you the “Before” photos of my Living Room before I updated it last month? Yeah, that was nothing. For this month’s Home Improvement project with Lowe’s Creative Ideas, our goal was to freshen up our Curb Appeal. I don’t have a curb.  But – I do have a […]

Lowe’s Living Room Springtime Makeover

I’m almost embarrassed to show you these Befores.  You see, we’ve been living with this rug, this couch, these curtains, well, everything in here – for over 5 years.  I’ve always liked it. Yes, it was somewhat dark, what with the dark walls and the dark rug, but it showed of our traveling lifestyle well, […]