Toasted Coconut Mango Cupcakes…and a Giveaway

I’ve found it, kiddos…the perfect flavor to kick off SPRING.  I don’t know about you, but I am about sick to death of winter.  I have had the fortune of being in Florida, Las Vegas, and Houston the past couple of weeks, and got a taste of summer.  Pools and glorious sunshine?  Yes, please.  Then […]

Cream Cheese Brownie Buttercream

No joke. Cream Cheese Brownie Buttercream. To me, one of the very best brownies is a cream cheese brownie.  Fudgy and tangy and sweet and…not on my diet but, well, maybe it’s on yours.  I also love my version of homemade buttercream, which is made mostly of butter, and umm, cream.  Sugar, butter, cream. So…I […]

Angel Food Cupcakes…from Melecotte

Tell me these beauties aren’t the perfect thing to take us in to the holiday weekend. Chris, from Melecotte offered to guest post for me here today, as I am still playing catch up after last week’s jaunt to New York, and working on posts to deliver to you next week.  She’s done a gorgeous […]

Caramelized Banana and Nutella Cupcakes

What a mouthful.  Literally. To be honest, this isn’t the cupcake I had envisioned making.  But, it sprung about from an order that I had over the weekend, and was the result of a little ingenuity. And guess what? It’s delicious. I mean THINK about it.  Nutella. Chocolate. Sugar. Bananas.  They’re heaven.  Why not combine […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

When I was in California for the Rose Bowl, we were bumped from our return flight home. Bummer, I know.  Trapped on the Left Coast an entire extra day, in a room at the Westin with a Heavenly Bed.  The horror. So, to liven up our depression, we hopped on a shuttle that took us […]

The Devil’s in the Beam Cupcakes

Time to bring out the Kentucky Bourbon again!  For this round of tailgating with Jim Beam, I went the sweet route…because there is always room for dessert!  It seems that people flock to the tailgates where the cookies, brownies, and cakes are lined up (well, at least I do) – so try incorporating this recipe […]

Key Lime Pie…Cupcakes?

Yep, that’s right. But that’s to be expected, you see. I am honored to have Miss Thang herself, Clara of I Heart Cuppycakes Guest Blogging here today.  And what would you THINK she would make? Bon bons?  Of course not. Kids…if you don’t know Clara, you are in for a real treat.  And not just […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

Sometimes the simplest things can really hit the spot.  Take these cupcakes, for example. I don’t always feel like making a batch of cupcakes from scratch, but I still want the great flavor. The secret to making a box mix cupcake taste fabulous is the way you dress it up.  I don’t mean how it […]

Cupcakes, all grown up

Yesterday we were invited to a party to watch football and eat turkey.  A group of 20 Hokie fans, ready for great food and a great ballgame. Little did we know we’d be watching the Georgia Tech team eat turkey as well.  It were UGLY, folks. Let’s move on from that. I decided to contribute […]