Mixed Berry Lemonade Sparkling Sangria

It’s not everyday I get sent a couple of bottles of sparkling bubbly, and am asked to just enjoy it. But that’s exactly what happened when Mionetto Prosecco arrived at my door here in balmy Texas. (I SAY balmy, to keep my spirits up. Truth is, it’s hot. Muggy, and scorching hot, or raining in […]

Cinnamon Apple Pie Pancakes

Two of my favorite things? Breakfast and dessert. If you think about it, breakfast foods are really pretty dessert-like anyway…pancakes, muffins, Danishes, croissants, French toast…they’re all sweet and disguised as a nutritious breakfast. Breakfast is smart, kids. For my March contribution to the world of Krusteaz, I decided to just be forthright and admit – […]

Peaches and Cream Sangria

If you know me very well, you know I am not much of a drinker.  A mixed drink here or there, some Moscato from time to time, sure…but typically, I am your designated driver. But now I’ve discovered the world of Sangria.  That’s all over, kiddos. Maybe I’d not had the best sangria in the […]

Cinnamon and Ginger Jazz Apple Chips

If you are like me, you are soaking every last bit of summer up that you can…beach days, lake days, pool days.  My garden is overflowing with fresh veggies, our grill has been the main source of cooking.  And you know what?  I like being this lazy. I mean, lazy is okay, right?  Must we […]

Strawberry Peach Gelato

For the past few years, I’ve been making pink foods along with KitchenAid, in an effort to increase breast cancer awareness and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  KitchenAid is a huge supporter of the foundation, and it’s something that touches so many of us. So of course, when the note came in again this year […]

Watermelon Sweet Tea

Well kids, here it is, the END of JUNE. End of June? I’m not sure how that’s even possible.  I mean, this weekend is the Fourth of July, then we turn around twice, do a few summery parties or trips, and boom, the kids are back in school and we have our LIVES again are […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popover Bites

If you’re going to have breakfast, have BREAKFAST. You all know how much I like popovers, and for good reason.  They are so quick, so easy, and I always have the main ingredients to make them.  Plus, adaptable?  Holy yes.  Add chocolate, or add fruit, add peanut butter or flavorings.  Or, make them savory by […]

Island Shrimp and Grits and a Caribbean Snowfall Cocktail

Look out. I was recently asked by Captain Morgan’s Rum to join their Captain’s Table and create a few dishes using their incredible rums.  I almost said no, you see…it’s been crazy here as of late, and shows no signs of slowing down.  In fact, it could get so ugly here in a couple of […]

Beyond Tacos…Apple Pie Taco Bites

It’s not every day that you get an email from Old El Paso (yeah, THAT Old El Paso) asking you to make a special recipe for them.  I mean, here I am, a country bumpkin, and they are – well, Old El Paso. But hello?  I totally did it. My challenge was to create a […]