Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies…and a Giveaway

Imagine opening your email one day, and having JIF, the Peanut Butter gurus, as YOU to make their peanut butter cookie recipe. Because they think it’s the best, and they just kind of want YOUR opinion. Because they think you matter, (How did they get my email address, I wondered? Who am I?) I blinked […]

Mixed Food Conference 2014 Ticket Giveaway

In just about three weeks, the THIRD Annual Mixed is taking place in the mountains of Virginia.  My co-host, the lovely Paula of Bellalimento and I have planned and worked for months and months to pull together all of the details, plan the sessions, prepare the swag, arrange the activities.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy their […]

Flatbread Pizza with Fig, Pears and Arugula

Flatbread is everywhere these days.  Every. Where.  Go to any restaurant and you are likely to see it pop up as an appetizer, possibly even the main course. It’s good stuff. It’s also very easy. So adaptable.  So family friendly.  If the kids just want cheese, you can give them cheese.  If you want something […]

Strawberry Peach Gelato

For the past few years, I’ve been making pink foods along with KitchenAid, in an effort to increase breast cancer awareness and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  KitchenAid is a huge supporter of the foundation, and it’s something that touches so many of us. So of course, when the note came in again this year […]

Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars…and a Giveaway!

Last week I got to have a little bit of fun with friends and family, courtesy of Yasso.  A party, with lots of food and frozen yogurt pops?  And MY crazy family? Sign me up. I love the fact that as a blogger I am encouraged to try new and different products.  Usually I will […]

Envy Apples

Hello, I’m Christine and I’m delighted to be guest posting for Susan today. Thanks for having me! I blog over at Cook the Story where I share recipes that fit life. These are recipes for quick weeknight dinners, side dishes and fast ideas for entertaining. Today I’m telling you about my newest quick dinner that […]

Shrimp and Waffles with Pina Colada Sauce…#CoastIntoSummer and a Huge Giveaway!

Shrimp and Waffles?  Did she stutter? No, I did not. The rage for months and months has been Chicken and Waffles.  Syrup topped, or strawberry sauce topped, or honey glazed…you name it, it’s been done.  So, when my friends at SeaPak asked ME how I would Coast Into Summer using shrimp…my mind went to waffles. […]

Sriracha Shrimp and Candied Bacon Crostini…and a Giveaway

Good news, you guys…I’m back. Have you missed me?  Oh come on now…certainly ONE of you has.  Mom? Yeah, okay. Anyway, life has been a bit nuts lately, and travel and television spots have kept me beyond busy, but I’m still here and I’m still cooking.  This time…for National Shrimp Day. Yes, it exists. National […]

A Shiny, Happy, Giveaway

I’ve been saving something special, you guys. In just a few short weeks, it will be Mother’s Day, and I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time picking out something for my own mom.  I also have no idea what I might want for myself, if, umm, someone were to buy me […]