Bourbon Brine Coffee Rubbed Turkey…and a Giveaway

Bourbon, Coffee, and Turkey.  Sounds like a delicious nap waiting to happen, don’t you think? All good things.  Bourbon is so flavorful, soothing, and people put it in their coffee (smart people, anyway) and both bourbon AND coffee SHOULD be a part of your Thanksgiving turkey prepping plans. I said so. So, turkey prepping needs […]

Thanksgiving Desserts

I’m freakishly busy. So busy, in fact, I can’t even make you a dessert. But…worry not, I’ve made LOTS of desserts, and therefore I have LOTS of desserts that will make your Thanksgiving dinner delicious. Truth. Let’s start with this Candy Apple Pie. I’ve shared it here several times, and with good reason…it’s incredible.  A […]

Buffalo Style Turkey

Yes, you read that right. Buffalo Style Turkey. I mean, why not? Buffalo Wings are awesome…we all know that. Turkey is awesome. Turkey is poultry; chicken is poultry. Therefore, Buffalo Style Turkey must be awesome, at least in theory. Science is science. Taste is taste. Buffalo Style Turkey tastes awesome. I’ll be up front and […]