Apple Cranberry Chicken Orzo

Looking for the perfect way to change up a weeknight meal? Apple Cranberry Chicken Orzo is it.  Easy, flavorful, and such great texture.  I absolutely adore it.  But before I delve into the recipe, let’s talk a little about the season, shall we? The air is brisker, the nights are longer, the leaves are almost […]

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Macaroni and Cheese…and a Giveaway

Casual Entertaining. I’m a huge fan of anything that says CASUAL.  And entertaining.  So, when I was challenged by Dreamfields to create a recipe using their Elbow Macaroni with a Casual Entertaining theme, my mind raced and the excitement kept me up nights. Literally.  Dreams of what to do with macaroni kept me awake for […]

Zesty Cheesy Chili Mac, a #NewTraDish

Growing up, we had spaghetti a lot.  My mom worked fulltime, and as working moms know, the last thing you want to do when you get home is make anything other than an impression on the couch. So spaghetti is kind of a savior.  It’s a quick and easy dinner, and everyone likes it.  Even […]

Hawaiian Islands Chicken Pasta…and a Giveaway!

I am a creature of habit.  Change?  I say I love it…and I kind of do.  But it’s also just not something I am very good at implementing myself. Even with pasta. As an ambassador for Dreamfields Pasta, I am often challenged with a new recipe to create using pasta. You’d think that’s easy, but, […]

Ribbon Pasta…and Together Time in the Kitchen

As a food blogger, I find myself in the kitchen a lot of the time. It’s my space, where I go to work, to cook, to bake, to photograph. I spend time online there, searching Pinterest and other blogs for inspiration. I watch television in there; I listen to my music. I sometimes dance, sometimes […]

30 Minute Dinner–Chicken Amalfi…and a Giveaway!

Weeknight dinners.  You know the ones.  The nights when the thought of having to make anything at all, other than a phone call to the local pizza joint, is just about more than you can bear. That’s like, almost every single day for me. And here you thought food bloggers loved cooking. Cook cook cook, […]

Pumpkin Sage Linguine

Pasta. It’s a lifesaver.  At least in my house, and I imagine your house is likely similar to mine. My kid would eat pasta every meal of every day, and me being me?  I’d let him because I love pasta too.  It’s so versatile, so changeable, so easy, so freaking delicious. It’s not, however, so […]

Kraft Recipe Starters: Noodled Pot Roast

I’m still impressed. Three boxes of Kraft Recipe Makes in, and I have yet to be disappointed. The boxes with two complementary sauces, ready to add to your meats, veggies, pastas, whathaveyou. It makes your weeknight dinner taste like you spent all day, when in fact, you really just threw it all together. I can […]

Cheesy Hamburger Ranch Mac and Gnocchi

You may not know this about me, but I am a ranch addict. Heck, I’m addicted to lots of things. Sexy shoes, high dollar handbags, Ryan Gosling.  But ranch I can have an affinity for and not break the bank.  Or my back.  Let’s not go there….I was talking about the shoes, you know. As […]