Peanut Butter Breakfasts

When you think peanut butter, do you automatically think dessert (after sandwich, that is?)? I kind of do. It’s rich, it’s sweet. It goes great in brownies or ice cream. But peanut butter can really be for ANY meal. Sure, you can simply spread it on a piece of bread, add a little jelly, and […]

Irish Inspired Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

I’m sure you have been trolling Pinterest looking for inspiring foods to make next week…but do you need something delicious for St. Patty’s Day?  Look no further! Last night and this morning, I compiled a list of reader favorites.  I was pointed in so many directions and inspired by so many people! Unfortunately, I couldn’t […]

Candy Corn Treats

Candy Corn. You have three options: Love it. Hate it. Eat it either way until you are stupid sick because there’s always a bowl of it out this time of year. Now, while you may not be a huge fan of this super sweet treat, most people will agree that it’s a fun looking fall […]

Fourth of July Desserts

I can’t believe it’s Independence Day already.  Well, almost, anyway. It’s full on summer. Backyard barbeques, beach trips, pool days and wide open windows at night. Good stuff.  Let’s embrace it while we can, because I guarantee, in two blinks we will be wrapped up in parkas again, shivering in our boots, wishing for sunny […]

Cool Recipes for Summer

Summer. Is. Here. It’s about to get sooo hot here in Virginia.  The humidity y’all.  it was 77 today, and I could barely breathe.  Seriously.  The temps aren’t even up there yet – not in the 90s.  Yet, it’s coming. It’s COMING. Soon, the kids will be out of school, and I will be working […]

Mother’s Day Recipe Roundup

Are you a mom? Do you hope your kids or husband or that guy across the way would make you something sweet for our upcoming Mother’s Day?  I’ve been seeing lots of great recipes on Pinterest and Facebook making the rounds, and now I am hungry. And I don’t want to have to make these […]

Kid Friendly Easter Food Projects

I am not a big Easter Holiday baker.  Heck, half the time, I even forget to color Easter eggs.  True story.  But I’m pretty good at finding cute things on Pinterest, and then thinking about making them, and then totally not making them. And here is a cute round up of those things, in case […]

Comfort Food Round Up

No joke, as I write this, my child has been absent from school due to weather since February 13.  They went late that day, and not ONE MINUTE SINCE. I love my son, don’t get me wrong.  But holy french words, I can not take it any.more. I can’t be expected to raise my child […]

Cans Get You Cooking

Guess what I am? Busy. Aren’t we all?  Aren’t we all a little busier than we should be?  I see us, all of us, running around  like we are on fire.  We get up, we rush to work, we rush home from work, and then, once we get there, we spend our time checking our […]