I Still Make Cake

Surprise.  I do.  I still make cakes.  Granted, I put myself in a self-imposed cake reduction phase this year, as I did so many last year, I started hating it. I desperately do NOT want to hate cake. Plus, I travel a lot these days, so, cakes are hard to schedule.  But, when I do […]

A Vintage Wedding…

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of making the cake for a Vintage Wedding.  I lieu of flowery centerpieces, the bride opted to use antique books tied in burlap, old buttons, and scripts.  A worn suitcase held the couple’s cards.  It was very charming, and I was thrilled at the imagination of […]

A Bunch of Cakes.

Did you think I had stopped making cakes? I haven’t.  Well, I haven’t made too many in the past few weeks, as I’ve been on a self inflicted cake hiatus.  I don’t want to get burnt out! However, I wanted to share with you a few I have done in the past couple of months.  […]

My Baby Turned Four Today…

I really have a hard time grasping it. Four. Next week he starts Pre-School. He’s potty trained.  He can dress himself.  Feed himself.  Make his own toast and sandwiches.  He can write most of the alphabet.  He could teach a class on mastering the dynamics of the iPhone. But this is what he looked like […]

Cakes. Cakes. Yeah…More Cakes.

As you may have noticed, my life has become quite cake-licious.  I love doing them, especially weddings…and especially weddings where the bride TRUSTS me to go for it. That really excites me. I mean, that’s a real compliment, the “I trust you” Bride.  Love it.  LOVE. But, despite all of the wedding cakes I’ve done […]

Tiffany Blue Reception Cake

I love surprises.  Well…good surprises.  Surprises like emails from out of the blue, a couple of weeks before a reception, and I am actually able to do another cake. Like this one.  With a bride that says go for it. Having gotten married already, but now having a reception at home, this bride was wanting […]

Contemporary Twist Wedding Cake

In June, I was hired to make an unusual wedding cake – purple and yellow fondant, contemporary design, a little silver for bling, and fresh flowers to keep it toned down from being too modern.  The bride and groom met with me a week before the wedding to firm up the final details.  The bride […]

Fresh Floral & Hexagon Wedding Cake

Another weekend, another round of cakes!  As I type this, I have just piped scads of royal icing on two tiers of hexagonal wedding cake, after a long two days of three other cakes. (Believe it or not, 2 of the other cakes were for one of my wedding cake brides in June – she […]

Seven Tiered Cake…Complete!

According to the Weather Channel, it was in the mid-90s today. It felt hotter. Especially since I was delivering the massively tall wedding cake to an unairconditioned tent, in what felt like 100% humidity. However, the setting was gorgeous – an amazing white tent with bursts of yellow throughout, paper lanterns hung from the draped […]