Mom Hack: Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

    4 Ways the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet Is the Best Secret Mom Hack In Partnership with Amazon Fire Kids Edition If the holidays bring a new level of chaos to your house, the Fire Kids Edition Tablets will help you conquer the holidays. Whether you need to entertain your kids as you finish baking that […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popover Bites

If you’re going to have breakfast, have BREAKFAST. You all know how much I like popovers, and for good reason.  They are so quick, so easy, and I always have the main ingredients to make them.  Plus, adaptable?  Holy yes.  Add chocolate, or add fruit, add peanut butter or flavorings.  Or, make them savory by […]

Ginger and Soy Shark Tacos with Old El Paso

Fish scares me. All those tiny little bones, I just know one is going to lodge in my throat. Shark scares me, too. Not the tiny bones part, I’m just frightened that maybe the shark will lodge one of my ribs in its throat. Give and take, I guess. But…it’s time to branch out. Try […]

Shopping in the Big Apple…Century 21

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CENTURY 21 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I love New York City. I think I could live there, though I know I’d miss my house, my yard, my being able to drive to the grocery store and not want to kill myself […]

Behind the Scenes-LIVE!- From Dole’s California Cookoff!

NOTE: This is a LIVE BLOG today, June 24th, 2012.  Check back often for updates, which will appear sequentially within the post.  And please…ask questions!  I’ll try to get them answered and posted here for you! This post is one of the reasons I adore my job.  Today, I am in sunny (ever so sunny) […]

Things Ain’t Cookin’ In My Kitchen

Are you a Crowded House fan? That means you likely went to high school or college in the early 1990s.  Welcome to the old folks club. For those of you not into Crowded House, or too young to even know who CH even is, the title of my post is a line from one of […]

Making My Own: Birthday Cake

Tomorrow is my official birthday, so last night after a swig of moonshine, I decided midnight was as good a time as any to bake it. I went small, and LAZY.  I found a 7 inch and an 8 inch pan (though I have umpteen 8 inch pans, don’t ask me where they are at […]

How Change Isn’t Always for the Better…

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine. Health care.  I swear to you, it seems something or another changes with our health care insurance every year.  From what’s covered, to how much it costs (always going up), to our co-pays, to who we can see […]

Holiday Candy

Parties this weekend.  Got some.  You? Every year we head over to my aunts house for a lot of finger foods, silliness, present swapping, and ridiculous sweets. Gotta love the sweets…but the silliness is a lot of fun, too.  I’d go even if there wasn’t a pile of food.  Luckily, I don’t have to face […]