Peaches and Cream Sangria

If you know me very well, you know I am not much of a drinker.  A mixed drink here or there, some Moscato from time to time, sure…but typically, I am your designated driver. But now I’ve discovered the world of Sangria.  That’s all over, kiddos. Maybe I’d not had the best sangria in the […]

National Moscato Day…Strawberry Pink Moscato Sorbet

Being a food blogger is good stuff sometimes. Like last week, when I was invited to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for an amazing lunch, and sat mere feet away from Harry Connick, Jr.  Or like last year, when I became friends with Duff Goldman, and he offered to write the foreword to my […]

The Wine Bar…Dark Chocolate and Riesling Truffles

I’ve recently become  a wine drinker. My pocketbook need not worry – I’m not interested in those pricy bottles of vintage wine.  As long as it tastes good, I’ll drink it.  Right now, Moscato is my favorite (though ice wines have me drooling), but I am broadening my horizons into other sweet wines as well. […]

Wine Bottle Décor and a Free Wine Lesson

We’ve been going through some wine around here lately. Like, a lot. I am a huge sparkling Moscato fan – it’s sweet. It’s bubbly.  It takes the edge off when a certain 5 year old has been trying my nerves for hours on end. When do the kids go back to school? I don’t know […]