Spinach and Almond Topped Chicken

I love when recipes just come together, are so, so easy, and turn out to be the kind of delicious that requires you to add said recipe to your go-to repertoire. Good stuff. Take, for example, this chicken recipe I created for Dole. Spinach and Almond Topped Chicken. Healthy, full of great flavors, and incredibly […]

Dole Takeaways…Gourmet Salad on the Go

I’ve become quite the salad person.  Because I have opted to live a low carb lifestyle, I find myself eating salads very regularly – sometimes twice a day.  Luckily, restaurants tend to have a great variety of options, from deluxe and creamy Chicken Caesar Salads, to light and fresh tossed salads with nuts and fruit […]

Blueberry Banana Muffins and all about Dole

I adore muffins. Yes, I like them sweet.  I think secretly, we all do.  It’s still breakfast food, but it’s dessert…without trying too hard.  And, because so many muffins include fruit (like blueberries, bananas, raspberries, peaches) – it feels like we are being healthy. Oh, we are so cute, aren’t we? Truth though, we could […]