End Mommy Wars

Mommy Wars.  I’ve written about this before, as part of my involvement with the formula brand Similac.  I met the Similac folks at Mom 2.0 last spring, and really liked what they stood for.  Yes, they are a formula company, and hen Seven was a baby, they were my brand of choice.  But I learned […]

Got Milk? Got Kids? Got Snacks?

I have a kiddo. Of course, I think he’s the best there is, and hopefully, you think yours is, too.  You have to be wrong though, as hello?  We already established that MINE s the best.  And this is MY blog, so, I win. Seriously though, we should all be so proud of our children.  […]

Hersheypark in the Dark

Can you believe it’s only a month until Halloween?  A MONTH. That’s frightening. I have always loved Halloween, and now that I have Seven, it’s so much fun to see the holiday from his young eyes.  He’s a huge fan of getting really dressed up – we take our costumes seriously – and even though […]

Technology Friendly Family Travel Tips

I went on the ultimate American Road Trip. Over 7000 miles, in a truck, husband and son in tow…and we came out alive on the other side.  From Virginia through the Midwest, across the Dakotas, through the land of every.single.national.park, down the Pacific Coast, and then finally back across the southwest and canyon country, the […]

Mommy Wars are a Real Thing

Clan Wars. Civil Wars. Gang Wars. World Wars. There are so many types of wars. But until you’ve become one yourself, you may not be aware of the most overwhelming… The Mommy Wars. At least with the other types of wars, you KNOW your enemy.  You can be prepared for the attack – the knife […]

#UniteMonday or Mom of the Year Award Goes Not to ME

As parents, we all do things we give ourselves grief over. At least I THINK we all do. I know I do. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m joining the Sisterhood of Motherhood and celebrating #UniteMonday. Every Monday follow the hashtag #UniteMonday on Twitter and Facebook and share any of your rules you bent […]

Kick It this Summer with Jif To Go Dippers

I get paid to do a lot of fun things.  Take for example, being hired by Jif (yep, the Peanut Butter folks!) and the Mom It Forward Blogger Network to tell you about a cool thing happening this summer. Have you heard of Jif to Go?  It’s great for busy summer days, those days you […]

The Road Trip…Tips and Tricks for Surviving

Last year, my family and I embarked on an epic road trip…cross country (and back) for three crazy weeks. Three weeks.  In a truck. I think we all have these grandiose ideas of hitting the road and seeing our country – I mean, there IS a lot to see, after all – and from the […]

Universal Orlando Theme Parks

Yes, parks. Parkkkssss. A lot of people don’t realize that Universal is made up of two separate but equally awesome theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  It’s hard to want to do one without the other, so why? But the 2 Park Pass, and jump from park to park as […]