Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Popovers with Goat Cheese Crumble

Yes, yes, I know.  This sounds way fussier than I typically am.  Butternut Squash & Caramelized Popovers sound like something on a menu somewhere.  Somewhere…fancy. And yet here we are. Why the change? Well, because sometimes, I just like to throw you a little curveball and see what happens. Kidding! Really, these popovers aren’t fussy […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popover Bites

If you’re going to have breakfast, have BREAKFAST. You all know how much I like popovers, and for good reason.  They are so quick, so easy, and I always have the main ingredients to make them.  Plus, adaptable?  Holy yes.  Add chocolate, or add fruit, add peanut butter or flavorings.  Or, make them savory by […]

Apple Butter Dutch Pancake…and a Le Creuset Giveaway

Many of you know that last year I did a series of Popovers (yeah, I know, I need to update the links under the header – I’ll get to it).  There were SO many!  I can’t pinpoint one particular reason I love them so, other than they are simple, almost foolproof, and everyone seems to […]

Popover Rewind…Apple Pie Popovers

Back before I started the Popover Project, I experimented a few times with some flavors.  One of my absolute favorites is the Apple Pie Popover, and since it’s that time of year, I thought I’d introduce the newcomers to Doughmesstic to this flavorful and fun breakfast. Expect chewy, tart bites of apple goodness.  Expect the […]

Pizza Popovers

I rarely surprise myself. But here’s the thing…when I do, I REALLY do.  For example, these Pizza Popovers.  They shocked the snot out of me.  What started as an experiment using what I could find in the fridge turned out to be something I will be making time after time.  They were ridiculous, in the […]

Hot Chocolate Popovers

You know what’s fantastic? Rainy days. Rainy, cool, cloud covered days when all that sounds good is an old quilt, John Hughes films, and a date with the couch.  Oh, and hot chocolate.  Lots of whipped cream. Typically, I leave it to the Keurig to keep my hot chocolate fix under control.  Or, if I […]

Jalapeno Jelly and Brie Mini Popovers

Last weekend was the first Saturday home game for the Hokies, and, as we are big into the tailgate scene, I knew we needed something to eat.  If you leave it to Jon (don’t get me wrong, he CAN cook and mans a grill like nobody’s business) – you’ll end up eating meat and meat […]

Bacon and Jalapeno Popovers

One of the most successful posts here on Doughmesstic is for Jalapeno Poppers.  Pinterest and StumbleUpon keep traffic rolling in here on a constant basis thanks to that post, and for very good reason – they are delicious.  They are perfect as a party appetizer or as a tailgate staple – quite simply, it’s finger […]

Toasted Coconut and Blueberry Popovers

I can’t buy coconut syrup anywhere here in town.  I wish I could, but, well, I live in the middle of nowhere.  After a trip to the Big Island several years ago, I fell in love with coconut syrup, and had a stash of it that would make the Kahuna cry. Seriously, Moondoggie. Now, I […]