Dreamsicle Popovers

Yes, you read that correctly. Dreamsicle Popovers, and you can totally make them, too.   You may or may not recall my affinity for the popover.  A cross between a souffle and french toast, perhaps?  Silly easy to make, and soooo dreamy. (See what I did there? Dreamy. I’m a writer, you guys. A WRY-TER.) […]

Roasted Lamb and Dubliner Popovers

It’s been a while since I posted popovers, hasn’t it? It has.  I apologize. Once upon a time, I posted a new popover recipe each week…for nearly a year.  A year, people. That’s a lot of popovers.  I did sweet, with syrups and cream cheese, berries and chocolate.  I did savory, with potatoes and sausage […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popover Bites

If you’re going to have breakfast, have BREAKFAST. You all know how much I like popovers, and for good reason.  They are so quick, so easy, and I always have the main ingredients to make them.  Plus, adaptable?  Holy yes.  Add chocolate, or add fruit, add peanut butter or flavorings.  Or, make them savory by […]

Very Vanilla Popovers

I can’t help it…I still love popovers.  It’s been six months or more since the end of my Popover Project (over 40 different recipes in a year), and yet…I still love them. Jon and Seven request them nearly every weekend, despite them both knowing that I dislike making the same recipe more than once.  And […]

Apple Butter Dutch Pancake…and a Le Creuset Giveaway

Many of you know that last year I did a series of Popovers (yeah, I know, I need to update the links under the header – I’ll get to it).  There were SO many!  I can’t pinpoint one particular reason I love them so, other than they are simple, almost foolproof, and everyone seems to […]

Sausage and Cheesy Hashbrown Popovers

I’m really starting to get in to these savory popovers.  And, can I just say – what the what?? It’s mid November. Mid-November! Thanksgiving is in less than a week…Mixed is the week after that, then it’s December, then Christmas, and holy nuts, 2013 is breathing on me. But – that means only 6 more […]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Popovers

I love pumpkin season. Pumpkin Cookies. Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin Cake. Pumpkin French Toast. Pumpkin Cheesecake. Yum. Yum. Yum. Eat. Repeat. So, this is another week, and another week means another popover. I’ve made Pumpkin Popovers before…last year.  They were wonderful.  But there was something more I could do. I could – dare I say it? […]

Popover Rewind…Apple Pie Popovers

Back before I started the Popover Project, I experimented a few times with some flavors.  One of my absolute favorites is the Apple Pie Popover, and since it’s that time of year, I thought I’d introduce the newcomers to Doughmesstic to this flavorful and fun breakfast. Expect chewy, tart bites of apple goodness.  Expect the […]

Spaghetti Popovers

Popovers. I skipped last week. Good gravy. I’m sorry about that. I’ve been traveling so much that I don’t even know what day it is, and last Thursday came and went with me in California, completely oblivious to the fact that the world was still, in fact, turning.  I’ve gone from Fresno, nearly straight to […]