Free For All Kitchen…Healthy Snacks

I was compensated by PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company, for my time in creating this post. All opinions are my own. My son Seven is turning eight.  Tomorrow. I know, that sounds funny. Seven is eight.  It’s hard to believe…I swear he was just a toddler, climbing the stairs when I looked away, making silly […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Tassies

Tassies?  Tassies? Little cuppy cookies, folks. Worry not.  Before I became a food blogger, I didn’t know s tart from a tassies.  And you know what?  They really aren’t all that different. Tassies are kind of like little pies, round and chewy, an full of a filling of your choosing.  Today we have cheesecake.  Strawberry […]

Cool Recipes for Summer

Summer. Is. Here. It’s about to get sooo hot here in Virginia.  The humidity y’all.  it was 77 today, and I could barely breathe.  Seriously.  The temps aren’t even up there yet – not in the 90s.  Yet, it’s coming. It’s COMING. Soon, the kids will be out of school, and I will be working […]

Mini Caramelized Peach & Onion Flatbreads

Remember that sweet job I have, working with Krusteaz? Well, I’m back with a new recipe for you.  And this one couldn’t be easier. It’s finally spring here in the mountains – I’ve even seen BLOSSOMS – and there hasn’t been snow on the ground for at least a few minutes.  The grass is actually […]

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Diet food, on Doughmesstic, ahhhgain? Yep.  But let me tell you why. A couple of weeks ago, I was a cookie eating monster. True story. I was on board the Caribbean Princess, sailing from Florida to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  I ate, and I ate good.  My diet?  What diet?  […]

Sugar Free Low Carb and Yet Really Good Cream Cheese Brownies

This is quite possible the fist time you’ve seen me use the words Sugar and Free in the same sentence. And Low Carb? Sugar Free Low Carb and Yet Really Good Cream Cheese Brownies. Surely, I jest. Oh, but I am afraid not. You see, I am a gym rat now, I go everyday, sometimes […]

Meet the New Peeps Minis!

My job is a fun job. One of my jobs this summer was to open up a couple of bags of Peeps…and eat them. So challenging, I know!  I almost couldn’t handle the stress.  It was truly touch and go for a few minutes…but then I got the bag open and everything was fine. I’m […]

Cinnamon and Ginger Jazz Apple Chips

If you are like me, you are soaking every last bit of summer up that you can…beach days, lake days, pool days.  My garden is overflowing with fresh veggies, our grill has been the main source of cooking.  And you know what?  I like being this lazy. I mean, lazy is okay, right?  Must we […]

Game Day Goodies!

We are known for being huge tailgaters. I am female.  Jon is…not. What this means is – he thinks a meal of meat and meat alone is a meal.  I think we need to have cookies or brownies or, heck, even a SALAD to go with all of the carnivore action. Right?  Just meat?  No.  […]