Travel Essentials for Those On The Go

I travel. A LOT. In fact, I am rarely home anymore, which does make life difficult at times, but luckily, I have a great family, a support system, and I am able to get out of town and back without too many hiccups. Along the way, I have run across a few things that have […]

Winston Salem, NC…A Travel Gem

I am about to admit to you something that makes me SAD. I have lived less than 2 hours away from Winston Salem, NC my entire life.  Forever.  For months and months, I made the 1 hour, 48 minute drive twice a week, down to my doctor, in hopes of getting pregnant, finally. Twice a […]

Charlotte, NC…A Guide to Dining

Where to eat, where to stay, what to do. Let’s say you have a long weekend, and you are looking for somewhere you’ve maybe not considered.  Charlotte, North Carolina should find its way to high on your list. For me, living in Virginia, I always consider Charlotte to be soooo farrrr.  That is, until I […]

BloggerBash 2015 in NYC

I don’t often tell you about all of them here, but if you follow e on Twitter, you know I go to a lot of conferences. A lot. I go as an ambassador on occasion, or a speaker, or just as an attendee. Heck, I even host one myself. Typically though, my conferences are all […]

Summer Kick Off

Seven gets out of school today for the summer. At 11 freaking A-M. Could we not have just driven the kids there about 9, mopped their mouths with cheap Kool-Aid and wrote on their clothes with markers while in the car line?  Everyone knows there is PLENTY of time in the car line. Because it […]

The Road Trip…Tips and Tricks for Surviving

Last year, my family and I embarked on an epic road trip…cross country (and back) for three crazy weeks. Three weeks.  In a truck. I think we all have these grandiose ideas of hitting the road and seeing our country – I mean, there IS a lot to see, after all – and from the […]

Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando

I love hotels.  I love resorts.  I love traveling and sleeping in clean white sheets and chocolates on my pillows.  I love leaving my room a mess in the morning, and when I return, a fairy has been there and made the world right again. The Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando was everything I […]

Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Orlando

I’ve never been to Mardi Gras.  In fact, believe it or not, I’ve never even been to New Orleans.  I really need to remedy that, by the way.  But I don’t live in a cave, and I do know the culture, the parties, the food, the environment, the stigma, the grandiose–ness of it all. I […]

Linguine with Prosciutto, Mushrooms, and Peas

I grew up thinking that pasta required one of two things: Tomato sauce or cheese. It’s taken me some time to realize that there are so many more pasta possibilities…be it a creamy white sauce, rose, vodka sauce, mushroom sauce, or something much lighter, such as a vinaigrette. Once I started traveling abroad, I really […]