My S’mores Cookbook is Here!

It’s kind of overwhelming, to say the least. So much went in to this book – so many friends helping, so many hours working, so many s’mores consumed! (All that eating? It was difficult, I tell you.)

But now it’s here!


Last week two big boxes of hard-backed books showed up at my door. Sure, I’d seen the pdf versions the publishers had sent over, but nothing prepared me for seeing that work in my actual hands. It’s MINE. Really! The first book I ever created and pitched (versus the publishers approaching me), with a full color photo for every recipe. I love the fonts, the design, the layout…I just plain love it!

My beautiful friend Bree of Baked Bree took the gorgeous photos (a few of which I am sharing with you here). We had a fun time trapped in my house back in January, photographing each and every recipe. I couldn’t have done it without her!


And Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes? When he offered to write the foreword, well, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me! Combined with his kind words in the foreword, having him text at the crack of dawn to tell me the book looked great last week, well – blushing ensued. That boy gets to me sometimes.

I am also thrilled that some other culinary big shots stepped up to endorse this little project of mine – like Catherine McCord of Weelicious, Ben Ford of Ford’s Filling Station, and the Grub Gals of GrubLA (and former Top Chefs!). I mean, how fortunate can someone get?

I’m so, so lucky.

So…the book.

Last Thursday, The Bank Food and Drink, our local restaurant hangout, had me down for an event they dub Cocktails and Conversations…and I was the guest of honor.



I fretted about it. For weeks. As you know, people skurr me. But Linda, the owner of The Bank, assured me I could do it. I think she may be one of my biggest fans – and I am 100% thankful for her! But still…I did get scared! At one point, I hid in the restaurant kitchen, but only for a minute or six. There were so many people there! Of course, my great friend Brandi of Bran Appetit was also there, which calmed my nerves a bit…she knows how to keep me at an even keel. And to keep the crowd happy, Rachel, the manager and mixologist, served S’mores inspired cocktails which garnered rave reviews, and Mike, the Executive Chef dished out dark chocolate s’mores to everyone.


IMG_3433It was a pretty delicious evening! I am so thankful that so many folks came out to support me. We sold out of books (gasp!), I signed my name a lot, Seven signed HIS name a lot, we had some great conversations, and then followed that up with a delicious dinner party prepared by The Bank.

I really couldn’t have asked for more.

But more came.

Travis Williams of the Roanoke Times was in attendance, and then wrote an article on my book. It was published on Saturday! It was exceptionally written, and I swear, if I could hire Travis to write my blog, I would. He’s THAT good. So thanks, Travis!

Now that the launch has officially occurred, a few things are about to happen. Big things.

First off, you can now ORDER a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They have copies in the warehouse!


Secondly – I am embarking on a bit of a whirlwind book tour! I have a wonderful sponsor (you may have heard of them…a little company called Hershey?) and several cities are in the lineup. Chicago, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Baltimore are all in the works…I even have hotel rooms and plane tickets, so it MUST be happening!

In case you are a blogger and live in one of those towns, PLEASE send me a message or leave me a comment…I may have a little something up my sleeves for you blogger buddies while I am in your town!

Lastly, because I will be on this tour, I have lined up a bevy of bloggers to entertain you the entire time I am gone – with S’more Treats of their own! Nearly every single day, there will be a guest blogger here with a chocolaty recipe to share, and I have to tell you, I am pretty freaking excited. I just can’t get over how lucky I am!!

SO…that’s IT! That’s the news! Thanks to EVERYONE who had a hand in this, from family, to friends, to bloggers, to The Bank, to Hershey and Bree and Duff and YOU.

Seriously you guys…thank YOU.

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