Game Day Party Chief with Hillshire Farm

Seriously, this one’s fun.

Funn-y, anyway.

As you are likely aware, I get asked to create lots of recipes for lots of companies. (I know, it shocks ME, too!)  Sometimes it’s a drink, sometimes a snack, sometimes a dessert.  But get this…Hillshire Farms asked me a week ago if I’d be willing to make something for the Superbowl.  Of course, I was planning on doing the GameDay thing anyway, so you know I said yes.

Then I read the fine print.

It’s a little whacky for me, being asked to create not a recipe, but rather a Party Animal.

Yep, you read that right.  There’s no real recipe here, just a Party Animal or two made out of none other than the famous Lit’l Smokies.  We all know Lit’l Smokies – we add them to chili, or wrap them in bread to make pigs-in-a-blanket.  But now – we are making them too cute to eat.

And yet eat them we will.

In case you ever wondered, my husband Jon is a surveyor.  He’s been with the same company for almost 15 years now, and over the years, he’s moved up in ranks to what is lovingly referred to as a “Party Chief.”  Don’t ask me what that is, or what it means, all I know is that it’s a fun title to have on a business card.  It also sounded like a great title for a creature made out of a tiny sausage.

Party Chief.

My quest to make this crazy critter began by breaking some angelhair pasta into small lengths, then shoving said pasta into the end of the links.  And then?  I just boiled them for about 4 minutes, then drained them, then set about making their faces.  For the nose, tongue, and ears I used chocolate covered sunflowers seeds, and for the eyes? Tiny little balls of mozzarella and poppy seeds.


But so much fun!


Once Seven saw what I was doing, it was GAME ON.  What else could we do?  What else could we make?  He was so eager to help, and why not?  Who knows more about strange food concoctions than a 6 year old?

He invented the Octopuppies. (Get it?  Hot Dog turned Octopus?)

Great idea for getting the youngins in on the fun.  Just take the Lil Smokies, and cut into each one, making 6-8 little legs.  Yes, I am aware an octopus has 8 legs, but these things are tiny so pick your battles, okay?  Once they are cut, again, just boil them, and those little legs will contort, making them so cute!  Use mayo or mustard to make the eyes (I used more mozzarella balls and poppy seeds, but warning, that’s a little OCD and time consuming) – then you are all set!


So, hopefully this gives you something totally random to add to your game day set up…I bet no one else brings a tray full of Party Chiefs or Octopuppies.

You can thank me later.

Want to see more Party Animals?  I know you do.  You can find them here!  You can also see some cute videos…Prepare to Party and It’s Party Time!

You can also find Hillshire Farm on Facebook. 

Disclaimer:  As mentioned, I was asked to create this post for Hillshire Farm.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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