Make Working From Home Easier

Working from home is a dream come true for many. Working in your own space, at your own time, and with the ability to be spontaneous are all perks of working remotely. However, it can also create some challenges when you work in an office setting. These quick fixes will help make working from home easier so that you can focus on your work without any distractions.

Be Intentional About Movement and Set Goals

Working from home can be a challenge for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Be intentional about balancing your work and home life, taking breaks for movement or meditation throughout the day. Create goals that will help you set boundaries between working from home and being at work in an office setting such as limiting time spent on email, only checking social media during lunchtime.

Learn Tricks of Solving Tech Issues

One common problem for people working from home is technology.

For example, if you have trouble with your email or Internet connection, take a break to make the call and resolve it once it’s off your list of things to do for the day. You could even put a timer down so that you know what time to check back in again when it goes off.

This way, you don’t have to worry about being distracted while getting work done because something else needs attention first.

  • Try not to go backward on tasks.
  • Use a tool like RescueTime to help track how you’re spending time online
  • turn off notifications on individual sites, apps, and devices where they don’t need to be on by default.
  • Use a distraction-free writing tool like Journler, which can help you stay focused

Other standard tech issues you may encounter include; slow macOS, battery issues, and more.

Incorporate Quick Fixes That Will Add to Your Comfort at Home

Create a comfortable environment for working from home by ensuring you have all the essentials: desk, chair, and lighting options. Invest in ergonomic equipment that is right for your body type and height because it will help avoid injury overtime during daily use. Additionally helpful are standing desks, which offer different heights; choose one where you feel most productive but take regular breaks away from standing up if needed. As far as extras go, like plants or pictures – make sure whatever you choose is calming and not too stimulating.

New Rituals, Habits, and Practices

You can do new things to make the transition smoother, like listening to music while working or changing up your diet during the day.  Another suggestion is reserving certain days for specific tasks; Mondays could be for catching up on email and returning calls, Tuesdays could be for meeting with people in person, and so forth. This can help establish a routine that is both comfortable and productive.


Working from home is a huge blessing, and it is a great way to maximize flexibility and time. However, certain things can make the experience more challenging if they get in our manner. If you want to ensure that working from home becomes easier for you, then try the quick fixes above.

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