Tuesdays With Dorie…Pumpkin Muffins

Kelly from Sounding My Barbaric Gulp chose the recipe for this weeks Tuesdays With Dorie. I love pumpkin. Up until this year, I thought pumpkin was good only in cookies or cake, but not pie. But now I know my error, as I made a pumpkin pie for Jon a few weeks ago and man was it ever good. Therefore, if Cake is Good everywhere and Pie is Good everywhere, and Pumpkin is good in Cake AND Pie, then pumpkin is good everywhere.

It’s good in these muffins, I’ll tell you that.

I changed mine up a little and added a cream cheese layer to the top, and instead of adding pecans (I just don’t like nuts much in a muffin) I left them out. I also left out the raisins, because, as you may remember, raisins, to ME, taste like what? Like butt. No way am I including butt with my pumpkin. Besides, after eating all these muffins, I’ll have enough butt to share with everyone without having to add it to this recipe.

I also had chocolate covered sunflower seeds to add to a few of the muffins instead of the plain ones – I love the way they taste on these!! They also add a nice little contrasting color, which is nice.

Now, go check out all the other TWD creations – who doesn’t love pumpkin??

Next week we are baking Chocolate Chocolate Cuppys, chosen by – you guessed it – Clara from I Heart Food4Thought. And Hey!! Get in while the gettin’s good readers – TWD membership is only open until the 31st!!

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