Enhancing Mental Health

Anyone can benefit from partaking in regular well-being practices, as they can help a person reshape their life and improve their mental health. 


While many of us allow ourselves to lead busy lifestyles, they are not always beneficial. It is important for us to maintain a routine. Yet, it is also important to take time out to self-soothe, self-love, and self-care. 


That being said, here are some great ways to self-soothe and practice taking time for yourself to enhance your mental health.



Get yourself a companion

Living alone or feeling alone is not always great for mental health. Although it can be beneficial to have time by yourself to think and center yourself, constant loneliness is often not good for mental well-being. 


Should you live alone or like to have some company to feel comforted, then why not consider getting yourself a companion?


If you are a dog lover, then you can find trained labradors for sale that can provide emotional support at Lucky Labs. Consider the dog a faithful companion and a way to have therapy every day. They can provide comfort and companionship to make you feel more settled and less anxious, which will support your mental health. 



Yoga is a mindful and physical practice that can enhance physical and mental health. While it works to tone and strengthen your body, it also has similar effects on the mind and mental health. 


The practice is often slow (it can be fast-paced too), which allows a person to switch off and feel present. While others forms of exercise can allow us to gain physical strength, yoga is an exercise that offers more mentally strengthening benefits. 


Whether you are new to yoga or not, try to add it to your weekly routine. Practicing yoga three or four times a week (just 20-30 minutes per day) is enough to reap its benefit and attain its mindful benefits.


Daily walks

If you are someone that lives in the countryside or in a city, then you should always find a place where you enjoy walking. Going out for a walk can help us get creative, de-stress, and so many other things that enhance mental health. 


Just 30 minutes of walking per day is enough to feel centered and energize your mind into thinking positively. 


Unlike other forms of exercise, walking is something you should try to practice every day. There are so many excellent reasons to walk from building self-esteem to improving mental health.


Journaling is another great practice to add to your routine to enhance your mental health. It allows us to get out our thoughts and feelings on paper. Instead of holding everything in, you can write down anything you want and not be judged for it. 


You can tell your journal what you achieved this week or how a certain event made you feel. It is a safe space where you can tell anything, which is essential to de-stress and unload. If you avoid unloading your feelings, then you will push them down and eventually reach a boiling point, which is when you might find your mental health is at its worst. 


Therefore, letting everything out and letting go of how you feel can help you avoid getting to a low point. 


If you can, try to journal every day. Even if you write one or two words on some days, it is enough to unleash whatever is inside of you. 


Say something positive about yourself

It is common for humans to think and say negative things about themselves. Instead of using your energy to think negative things, use it to think and say positive things. 


When you think of positive things about yourself, say them out loud. This will help them feel true and it will also encourage you to do it more as you will notice how good it makes you feel. 


Surround yourself with good people

As well as surrounding yourself with good personal energy, it is also important to surround yourself with good energy from other people. You will want to have radiators in your life (people that warm you up) so that you can maintain positivity and feel good about yourself. 


Finding people that inspire and motivate you is rare. When you find those people, make sure to hold them close and spend more time with them. They will make you feel good, which is beneficial for improving your mental health. 


Self-care sessions

Should you lead a busy lifestyle, then you likely dismiss self-care. You likely don’t spend time pampering yourself with hair masks, nice morning coffees, or nourishing breakfasts at the weekend. 


When you have time, you should use it to do acts of self-care rather than make yourself even busier. Taking 30 minutes here and there will help you love yourself and give yourself the relaxation time that your mind and body needs to rejuvenate. 


Even if you use that time to sit in silence, you are still caring for your mind and body. 


Listening to what your mind and body needs will ensure that you spend your free time wisely and feel better after giving yourself some time to unwind. 


Treat yourself with small things

Treating yourself shouldn’t be a rare occasion. You should treat yourself more often. Treats are rewarding and they will make you appreciate yourself more. 


For instance, if you do well at work or commit to daily walks and yoga, then this should be a reason to reward yourself.


Treats do not have to be big, lavish, and expensive. They can be small acts of self-love such as a takeaway coffee or a bag of your favorite sweets. The kinder you are to yourself, the more self-respect and appreciation you will have. Soon enough, you will notice how proud of yourself you should be. You will notice a shift in your energy and how you think about yourself. All of which, are stepping stones to enhanced mental health and happiness. 

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