Pasta With Class….and a Giveaway!

On Saturday, I had my first Couple’s Pasta Course. It was a blast! We had dough spread from one end of the house to the other – and boy did it smell great. It helped to have such enthusiastic students as well – they weren’t afraid of anything! I love students like that!


We made rigatoni and fusilli using the new KitchenAid Pasta Press. I can’t think of enough adjectives to tell you how amazing this contraption is! I believe it is a redesign of their original pasta press – all the kinks worked out, of course! Easy to assemble, a breeze to operate, and believe it or not – easy clean up. We had no issues at all – the pasta extruded just as it was meant to – perfectly!


We also made tortellini, by both rolling out the dough by hand (everyone should know how!) and also using my Atlas roller (so much easier!) – you should have seen the pile of pasta these folks left with!

Before the end of the evening, we enjoyed the homemade rigatoni, by turning it into my favorite Rigatoni Amalfi recipe with Peas and Asparagus, as well as a plateful of Orzo with Mushrooms and Fontina. Add a dessert and salad – quite a nice night!

I hope to do the class again in the very near future, so please email me if you are interested in spending the day together making some Italian goodness!

Because I love you, here is a link to a few of my favorite Italian inspired dishes, including a Lasagna Amalfi version on the rigatoni we made during the class…along with a bunch of pictures of some of my Italy travels, in case you aren’t bored out of your mind already.

Now…the giveaway…

Click on through to enter to win the KitchenAid Attachment of YOUR CHOICE!!

(The above Pasta Press, valued at $179, Ice Cream Attachment, valued at $99, The Grain Mill, valued at $139, or the Meat Grinder, valued at $ pick!)

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