11 Ways to Reuse Baby Stuff


You may only plan on having one child. And like most, you probably spent loads of money on stuff your baby needs. But they grow out of most things really quickly. So, what do you do with them? Well, you shouldn’t throw them out. Here are 11 ways you can reuse your baby stuff.

Give Some Stuff to Your Pet

In the US alone, there are nearly 80 million house dogs. And nations all over the world love their pets. Like baby stuff, dog supplies can get expensive. So a good way to resume your baby items is to give them to your dog or cat. For example, well-made crib sheets will last for a long time. And like your baby, your beloved family dog will love a cozy place to sleep. Additionally, plastic and rubber toys might also be safe for pets. But check the materials before doing this.

Reuse Baby Food Jars

When your child is young, they will be fed from specialist baby food. These almost always come in glass jars. You can recycle them if you want. But you can also use them for loads of things. For instance, you can sterilize them and then use them for jams, jellies, and pickled foods. Some of these you can even sell at farmer’s markets and other similar events. Or you can use them for storing herbs and spices, which are always handy for making your meals much better.

Reuse Your Baby Stuff, Like a Bath, for Growing

In addition to using jars to store spices and herbs, you can also use larger items, like a baby bath, for growing your own herbs and smaller vegetables. This is because a baby bath is deep, so it can take a lot of soil while also having enough room for roots to expand. This is great for most household herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme. But you can even plant a few bulbs such as garlic, onion, and even tomatoes. In the right conditions, these will grow great in a baby bath.

Create a Reading Nook

Loads of other things come with a crib. You have sheets, mattresses, and the frame itself. Some of these you can’t donate because of hygiene concerns. But these are wasted if you throw them away. So a great idea is to reuse any padding or baby mattresses as cushions. You can probably even buy new covers from the same place you got them. Or make your own. They aren’t big enough to use on the sofa. But they make for excellent smaller seats in a nook.

Reuse Burping Rags

Your baby is going to be sick over you. That’s just a fact you can’t escape. But you can use burping rags to reduce the mess. And, of course, you can reuse these a lot after washing them. But the time comes when the baby can hold their food. So what to do with all the rags? Well, you see, they are made from absorbing materials. So, you can use them as cleaning rags in your home. They are great for cleaning the bathroom or even doing the general dusting.

Use Old Baby Clothes to Make Things

Toys are among the most wasted things on the planet. Around 80% of toys are thrown in landfills each year because most are plastic and can’t be recycled. So you can help reduce the number of waste toys by making your own out of old baby stuff. Some examples are as follows:

  • Create a cute little teddy bear from old baby romper outfits.
  • Onesies aren’t just cute. You can use them for making stuffed animals.
  • Try making a ribbon block for senses out of cut up baby clothing.
  • You can make a memory quilt using clothes your baby grows out of.
  • Clothes also make an excellent soft fabric for making your own kids’ books.
  • The stretchy material of baby pants makes for cute headbands for your girls.
  • You can repurpose smaller clothes as new burping bibs with a great fit.
  • You will use photo apps, and you can make great frames from old crib sheets.

There’s almost no end to the things you can do with old baby clothes. You need to be a bit crafty and hands-on to make most things. But you can easily learn these with online tutorials and videos about making things from old baby clothes. Be warned, though, it gets a bit addictive.

Make a Desk from a Crib

Cribs are expensive. So it’s a waste to just throw it away. Especially when you consider that there is a solid frame there. And with a bit of handy work and adjustment, you have the makings of a little desk. This can be an excellent reuse of a crib that your baby can use when they age into a toddler. They will spend hours at this desk, drawing and painting and learning to write. And even better, you can pass this along to another family when your child gets too big for it.

Make Some Sensory Toys

Baby jars and bottles are great for storing things. But because they are hollow, you can put almost anything inside. This means you can save a ton of money on baby toys, which are pretty expensive these days. Fill the bottles with random small objects that make sounds or reflect light when shaken. This can help stimulate your baby and develop their senses. Obviously, make sure you seal the bottles tightly, so any stuff inside doesn’t fall out and harm your baby.

Reuse Your Baby Stuff for Holidays 

The soft fabrics of baby clothes, blankets, and bedding are great for making other things. For example, you can reuse them for making plushy holiday items you can use for Christmas and the upcoming Easter holidays. You can reshape old blankets into stockings that will last forever. And you can reuse actual baby socks as the cutest little stockings you have ever seen. As for Easter, you can sew old clothing into baskets and reuse bibs as egg holders for an egg hunt.

Keep them for the Next One

There are loads of things you can do with old baby items. But even if you don’t plan on having another child, anything can happen. You can unexpectedly get pregnant. Or change your mind. So it is often a good idea to hold on to some things for a while, just in case. If you don’t, you might end up paying out a lot of money all over again. It’s also common for some families to keep traditional items that are passed between the family, like having the same toys for years.

Donate Unwanted Items

Finally, you can also think about giving away old baby things. There are loads of moms and dads out there who don’t have the money to buy everything new. You can pass things along directly using websites. Or you can take them to local charity stores to give to two good causes at the same time. These reasons alone make a case for reusing baby stuff. It would be a waste to throw away good things that other good families, like yours, can also treasure forever.


When you reuse your baby stuff, you save money and help the planet. Also, you can help make sure that other moms and dads in less fortunate positions can get the help they need. You can reuse toys for your pets, get crafty and make plush toys, and donate to any local charities.


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