Valentine Tastes You Still Have Time For

Wait ‘til the last minute?

I’m sure you didn’t.

But just in case you did, here are a few of my favorite Valentine worthy foods you still have time to make.

First up, Breakfast. Breakfast in bed, maybe? No one says you can’t have breakfast for dinner, so maybe you and your honey could retire to bed early, and indulge in some of this…


image image

But if breakfast isn’t what you’re after, there’s always room for dessert. And hey, go ahead and eat it in bed if you want. I’ll never tell, and I hear there are less calories if you are wrapped up in the sheets. (Did I say that out loud?)




Hopefully one of these will win you over, and I also hope you’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

And, if you can’t be…with the one you love, honey…you can always rent a movie with Ryan Gosling and take the brownies to bed with you. (Where is this coming from??)

See you tomorrow!

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