Why Solo Tripping Can Be So Good For You

Going on a solo trip can be quite scary. The idea of not knowing anyone when spending a week or two in a new destination puts a lot of people off. And really, when you’re making your way through airport customs alone, have to find your seat on the plane alone, and then through the terminal on the other side entirely alone, no one could blame you for feeling a bit intimidated.


But solo tripping is very good for the soul as well. Not only do you get to decide everything about your upcoming vacation, you get to do a load of new things that being a group simply wouldn’t allow for. Plus, who knows how many new friends you’re going to make while you’re out there as well?


Don’t let the idea that solo tripping might be difficult put you off. You can have a lot of fun on your travels, especially when you keep the benefits below in mind. So, if you’ve ever thought a solo trip could be good for you, here’s why you should give it a go. 



You’ll Have Total Vacation Freedom


When you’re traveling alone, you get to choose what happens next. No arguments from your group, no complaints when you’re on the way, and no lack of energy when you finally arrive to try something new out. If you want to do it, you can do it! 


If you’re someone who always has to do what other people say on vacation, this is definitely the benefit to rejoice in most. Your ideas won’t be shot down, you won’t have any suggestions vetoed, and you really can do what you like. 


Plus, you’ll meet a lot of like minded people when you’re out there! If you’re hiking behind a waterfall or trying out snowboarding for the first time, you’re much more likely to make friends who like the same things you do. 


You can also spend as much time and effort accomplishing something as you like, without anyone telling you to hurry up or move on. 


You’ll Discover a Wealth of Inner Confidence


When you have to do things on your own, you’re going to discover just how strong you really are. Even when you don’t quite feel that way, the fact that you went traveling alone and you’re willing to step out and try new things means you’ve got a wealth of inner confidence. 


A lot of people don’t know they have this until they’re forced to discover it. When you come home again, knowing that you can stand on your own two feet and make your way across a foreign country on your own will do wonders for your day to day interactions. 


You’ll find yourself standing with your head held high and plenty to say for yourself. And the more experiences you get yourself into, the more memories you’re going to have to look back on! 


You Can Pack Lightly


Sick of spending all that time checking in bags and trying to drag heavy suitcases across cobbled, uneven ground? If you’re going on a solo trip, you won’t have to contend with this at all! 


Your airport experience will be a lot smoother (as long as you get to the gate on time!) and you won’t have a friend asking if they can just store a few things in your carry-on as there’s no room in theirs. 


This is simply another little way going it alone means total freedom. So grab the bag you like most from a site like Travaloo.com, pop in only the things you really want to take along, and then off you go! 


You Can Take Your Time


Say you’re only going for a week. If you were with other people, there’d be a lot of stuff you’d have to fit into your vacation. You’re likely to run out of time to get everything done, and you may even have to compromise on some of the activities you want to do in favor of someone else. That’s never enjoyable, even when you’re surrounded by great people you love very much. 


However, when you’re traveling alone, you can take your time and do whatever you like. Take each day as it comes and do your thing! It’s entirely up to you how the rest of the trip goes, and if you want to spend hours combing through the ancient exhibits in a local museum, the more power to you! 


Your Accommodation Will Be a Lot More Comfortable


Comfortable accommodation is super important on vacation. When you’re off to a new country on your own, knowing you’re staying somewhere safe, temperate, and cozy is going to make you feel so much better. And the best thing? It’s up to you where you stay and for how long. 


Plus, wherever it is you decide to stay, you’re going to get a lot more space to yourself – you’ve got no party to share it with! That means you’ll get the entirety of the hotel’s queen size bed to yourself and you won’t have to deal with your bed mate rolling over and stealing all the covers. Or if you’re staying in a private room of a hostel, you’ll get the pick of the bunkbeds! 


You Can Still Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones


It’s easier than ever to share your location with a loved one – and we mean your exact location in real time too. If you’ve got a modern smartphone, you can use any number of apps to let your loved ones know where you are right now and where you’re heading next. 


Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps for this. You’ve probably already got all your contacts on there already, and you can choose to share a ‘live location’ for select periods of time. 


If you’ve got an iPhone, you won’t even need to download anything to let someone know what you’re up to. Just head into messages, click on a contact’s name, and then choose to either share or send your current location. 


As long as your phone is with you, those who need to know where you are will be able to keep an eye. If you’re worried no one will know if you go off track, or you’re concerned about keeping people updated, this is the best thing to do. 


You’re Going to Learn What You’re Capable of


If you decide to go rock climbing for the first time, you might finally find out just how much upper body strength you’ve got. If you decide you want to take in a show in the town center, you might find out just how easily you rub along with the locals.


Either way, you’re going to find out something about what you can do that you may never have thought possible before. If you’re someone who suffers from a touch of anxiety, the latter point is going to be amazing to know! 


This also ties into that wealth of hidden confidence we referenced earlier, but knowing you’re someone who can take charge of a situation and make the best of it is all the more boosting. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and yours may very well tie into traveling on your own and finding out more about the world! 


You’ll Find it Easier to Pick Up the Language


Seeing as you’ll have no one around to speak your own language with (which we’ll assume is English), you’ll find yourself in situations where you’ll need to pick the native language very quickly. You won’t have anyone to help you bounce ideas about what that word could mean – you’ll need to pay attention to context and setting to see you through! 


This is another way you’ll learn what you’re really capable of, but it deserves its own special mention. After all, it’s hard to pick up another language as an adult, but it’s not impossible, and you’re going to see that very clearly during solo travel. 


If you’re really worried about this, you can download a translation app to use when you’re really not sure. However, we recommend trying to work things out on your own as much as you can. 


It’s nice when you can speak to the locals in their native tongue, and you should be proud of yourself for picking up basic phrases that allow you to greet them in a friendly manner and order coffee from the local cafe. 


Should You Go on a Solo Trip? 


We think so! Solo tripping can be good for everyone. However, if you’re not ready to go on vacation alone yet, we completely understand. It can be a difficult step to take and some people need time to prepare. 


But remember, a solo trip doesn’t have to be a big adventure either. Instead, just think about it, decide where you’d really like some time and space to explore on your own, and then take a few days out there. 


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