A Little S’mores Éclair Teasing

Have you made éclairs or cream puffs?

You should.  100% rewarding.

I’ve made all kinds, all shapes, all sizes.  Sometimes éclairs, sometimes cute little puffs, sometimes large, nearly sandwich size buns (yum… filled with chicken salad? Die.), and even rings filled with whipped cream and other sweetness you can only imagine.

But first and foremost, you need to be able to make the basic dough – and that’s called pate a choux.


Pronounced kind of like shoe, but tastes better.  Though some days, I’d eat whipped cream and chocolate off a shoe, if offered.

Try and stop me.

Until then, here’s a little teaser pic I grabbed while my gorgeous and brilliant and uber talented friend Bree photographed my upcoming S’mores Cookbook.  Yeah, I pushed her out of the way and took a picture for my own benefit.  Like the benefit of enticing you guys to head over to the Dixie Crystals site so that you can get the recipe for the choux dough.


Then fill it with whatever you like…whipped cream, pastry cream, lemon curd, chicken salad, Brussels sprouts (I’m not a Judgy McJudgerpants), or, as you see here – S’mores.  Marshmallow Fluff, graham, and chocolate ganache.

Hello…I wrote a S’MORES COOKBOOK.  See why I’m so fat?

Judgy McJudgerpants.

Go check out that recipe…and have a great day everyone!

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