Cookies and Heroes #ShareYourHero

Do who you have a hero?

I guess in some way, we all do.

Maybe it’s your spouse, who works without complaint, every day outdoors in the awful heat or frigid cold, because he knows your family not just needs the money, but because he wants to give you a better life.  Who gives up his weekends to take care of your house and property, even though he is tired.  Who finds a way to build you a dream cottage in the woods, even though he’d much rather just rest versus install windows or patios or install plumbing.  Who handles the nightly homework for you child, because he knows it stresses you out, because you have no patience for it.  A man you should be so lucky to call your own.

Or maybe it’s your parents, who never looked at you with any disappointment, even after you chose to spend 4 years in college to get an art degree, knowing full well you weren’t going to use it.  Parents who take care of your child as if he were their own.  Who tend to your pets so that you can go enjoy your own little family, who most certainly talk to your ducks, knowing they won’t talk back.  Parents who never gave up on you, through whatever whim of a job you took on, but only supported you as if THAT job was the best one you could have chosen.  Who treat you still as if the sun rises and sets on you, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made.

Perhaps it is a cousin, who served our country as a young man, who risked his own life and faith so that you could sleep in bed at night, and only hear about pieces of war on the nightly news.  Who lost a limb and yet goes on to inspire veterans everyday, just by being, and by thriving as a civilian who gives of his time and abilities to help others.

It could be any of these people, and I am fortunate enough to say that all of them are mine.

They are all my family, and my heroes, in one way or another.  A person who inspires me to be better.  People who deserve recognition every day, and yet, don’t get it, not even from me.

THAT is a hero.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Easy.  You see, I was asked by Mrs. Fields®, the famous cookie company, to tell them about MY hero, and to ask you to do the same.  Mrs. Fields is searching for America’s hometown heroes to appear on future boxes of Mrs. Fields® cookies – and as it turns out, YOUR hero (or mine!) could be that very face.

All you have to do is go online and share your hero’s story for a chance to win a year’s supply of cookies for you (and your hero!) – cool, right?

Not only that, but Mrs. Fields® is donating 25,000 cookies to our heroes in uniform to support our troops – a campaign that is near and dear to me.  I don’t know if you recall, but a few years ago I created a group that began sending treats to our very deserving troops – Operation Baking GALS.  Those heroes are so far from their families – a little taste of home is sometimes all it takes to brighten their day.


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·Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Mrs. Fields.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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