Summer Learning with Brain Chase

It’s not very often I get terribly excited about school. Nor do I really think about your child getting excited about school, especially in the summer, when life is supposed to be lemonade and pool parties.

But this year, I am. And so is Seven.

I stumbled on to a genius site called Brain Chase.

Brain Chase is the online equivalent, it seems, of The Goonies. I know I’m dating myself by saying The Goonies, but hush. The Goonies was and is still one of my all-time favorite movies. In case you’ve never seen it, the movie is about several kids who set out with a pirate map and a few helpful doodads like a doubloon, in order to find a hidden treasure somewhere in their town before the rich guys foreclose on ALL of their houses. It’s a fun film, full of surprises, and twists and turns and puzzles.

Brain Chase is all that. Including the treasure.

That’s right, this site offers multiple classes (your child signs up for three), and each week, as long as they do their assignments, they are gifted with clues that will eventually lead them to the ULTIMATE prize- The Globe of Magellan. I’s an ACTUAL buried treasure! Better yet, not only will the first student to correctly guess within a two-mile radius of the treasure win the treasure itself, they’ll win a trip around the world (or around Texas) to dig it up, and a $10,000 scholarship! There are TWO versions – one in Texas, and one WORLDWIDE. So, anyone can join in on the fun!

As of right now, Seven (he’s 9) has narrowed his class choices down to Engineering, Coding, and Art. But Cooking, Languages, Yoga, Entrepreneurship and more are offered, and backed by a team of instructors. It’s a true summer school, to help keep your kiddo engaged over the summer – and even get them AHEAD! And…the pricing is hard to beat. I looked at several online courses in strictly coding, and Brain Chase offers far superior options at much better pricing! Seven weeks for $69?

I did sign Seven up for the most expensive option – it was $229 – but that level offered so much more, plus a lot of neat tools I know he will really enjoy.

We are both excited to get the summer started…who wants to join us? Jump to the bottom of this post for a GIVEAWAY AND a CODE to SAVE!

More Info On Brain Chase

  • The program begins at 9am Eastern on Monday, June 19
  • It’s for 2nd-8th graders, and we have participants all over the world competing at the same time
  • Students choose 3 electives out of 15 possible choices (Rosetta Stone, Code Combat, Typing Club, Khan Academy Math, etc.)
  • Pricing starts at $69, but some electives cost more
  • As they complete weekly challenges in their different electives (i.e., “read for 60 minutes,” “earn 10,000 Khan Academy energy points,” “complete this engineering project,” etc.), they unlock different animated webisodes in a sweeping adventure story
  • The animations tell of a team of adventurers seeking a golden prize, the Globe of Magellan
  • The globe isn’t fiction – it’s REAL! There’s a real, golden globe buried somewhere on the earth. The clues to its location are hidden in the different animations
  • The treasure hunt is open book, open internet, open parent, etc. – anything goes!
  • The first student to correctly guess within a two-mile radius of the treasure wins the treasure itself, a trip around the world (or around Texas) to dig it up, and a $10,000 scholarship

Need more? Here are some helpful links!

The Giveaway

Want your child or grandchild to join the Brain Chase Adventure this summer? I thought so! Just leave me a comment and let me know what about the program has you most intrigued or excited. One lucky commenter will win a full scholarship – $229 Value – on the Brain Chase package of their choice!

Can’t wait? I can’t blame you! Here’s a code for 10% OFF the package of your choice. Go on…you know you want it! Just enter DOUGH10 in the promotional code box during registration. EASY!

Best of luck, everyone, and stay tuned for updates on Twitter and Facebook this summer as we start or Brain Chase Adventure!

Disclaimer: I am a partner of Brain Chase. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Giveaway courtesy of Brain Chase. Giveaway will close on June 12, 2017, at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be notified via email provided.

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