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  1. Sid Richardson
    November 27, 2018 @ 10:46 am

    Cruising is and has been our favorite form of vacation. Totally getting away from it all and desiring to see some interesting places. Yes, we’ve had good cruises and bad cruises. Almost all of our cruises have been with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity and we LOVE them generally. Great food, outstanding destinations, great company (we’ve met many wonderful people), OK entertainment (not great, but good), but mostly some alone time, bring a book, sit on the deck, enjoy the scenery, it’s just the best vacation mode ever, spend some quality time with your spouse. Favorite places to visit, # 1 the Med (Greece, Rome, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Turkey, Santorini, Rhodes, I could go on and on), #2 the Caribbean (we’ve just about seen it all), # 3 England (London) and France (Normandy)…over 25 cruises over 35 years (1983-2018), only 1 or 2 less than GREAT (Dianne broke her ankle on one and on another, our cabin flooded but they made it good). I loved your post, keep those cards and letters coming…;^)


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