The Best Ways to Keep Yourself at 110%

While it’s easy to say that you need to look after yourself, when you live a life that’s full of stress, pressure, and it seems that there’s no time to do anything, figuring out the best ways to keep yourself running at 110% is incredibly difficult. But with this in mind, is it really about the lifelong practices or is it about the short and healthy hacks? Let’s see if we can answer the question.


Having Downtime To Focus On Wellness 

Yes, it’s easier said than done to have downtime, but when we start to think about our overall health, if we can find some time to find a practice that helps us to learn how to look after ourselves, we will fare better. A lot of people think that having downtime is just impossible, or that it’s pointless to actually do something that’s healthy, like yoga or meditation. But it’s all about practice. Learning to practice looking after yourself is just as important as the act of doing it. It gives you the opportunity to look at yourself and realize how you can work better. We’ve all been there, after we’ve spent a day at a spa, we feel more rejuvenated, relaxed and we feel like we’ve had proper rest- even if we didn’t have any sleep the night before! This means that we have to focus on wellness in order to look after ourselves better so we can cope with the pressures thrown at us.

Having The Right Supplements 

Yes, there’s a lot of talk about the “right diet” but it’s also bad having the right supplements in place too. We have to remember that we may very well have problems with certain aspects of our health, or we may wake up feeling a little bit groggy every day, or a little bit under the weather and it takes some time to come round. But this could very well be down to a lack of a certain mineral or vitamin in our diet. As they say, a supplement is not a replacement for a diet but it is meant to supplement it. Have a look at your own health issues, whether it’s a lack of sleep, or you just feel a bit rough in the mornings, and see if there’s a way to get more vitamins and minerals in your life. For example, you could get a nutrient deficiency test, which will point towards the culprit, and once you start to find that you may lack something like Magnesium, or just need a bit more Vitamin D, this could very well make all the difference. Remember, with something like Vitamin D if we don’t have enough, we’re not able to fight off illness and we just don’t feel better. Look at getting some more supplements in your life to have on the side of a healthy diet.


Listening To Your Body 

Perennially underrated, but while we spend a lot of time looking for a healthy practice, sometimes we have just got to listen to our body. What we tend to do is just push through problems. We wake up feeling sore or have a bad head, so we just pop a painkiller and get on with it. But this isn’t really getting to the root cause of the problem. By listening to our body and taking an opportunity every now and again to focus on whatever issues there could be, we will stand a better chance of solving the problem. We have to listen to our body especially as we get older, because this is what can help us fine-tune these individual problems. Much like if you lack in a specific vitamin, if there’s a problem with your body somewhere, and you don’t address it, the issue may exacerbate over time. Take the opportunity to sit, close your eyes, and see if there’s anything that feels a little “off.”

Learning To De-Stress Properly

We all feel the impact of stress in this day and age. And if we’re really going to run at 110% we have got to eradicate unhealthy stress as much as possible. We have to remember that stress is, in small doses, actually good for us, but if you spend a lot of time on your phone, living a pressurized life, and forever in a rush, it’s hardly a surprise that our happiness starts to chip away. Learning to de-stress is all about finding the right thing for you. Everybody has their own method; whether it’s gardening, relaxing in front of a computer game, or meditation. But this is the best way to keep yourself running at 110%.



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