Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter

Spring is indeed on its way, and that means Easter is just around the corner. Whether your kids are children or teenagers, make time to celebrate Easter with your children, and create your own fabulous memories as a family. From fun crafts to preparing favourite dishes, sweet treats, and meals, there are many ways— both religious and non-religious— to celebrate this special holiday together as a family.


Decorate easter eggs


Children of all ages love to break out the dye and add a splash of color to an otherwise plain boiled egg. Make this tradition even more fun by trying out different techniques every year. You can even arrange a’ poll’ to see what kind of colored eggs your kids like best. For example, you could compare old-fashioned,’ traditional’ food coloring Easter eggs with marbled poster paint Easter eggs. ⠀You could also inspire your children to use their imagination and come up with their own ideas and techniques to decorate them. It may well be messy, but it will sure be a great activity! 


Attend an Easter egg hunt in the community


Grab a few Easter baskets and take your children to the local Easter Egg Hunt. In fact, community events like this are a great chance to invite friends and neighbors and family members to join. Do not forget to bring your phone with you to take those all-important photos -you are not going to want to miss the chance to capture those huge smiles on your children’s face when they find a chocolate egg hidden away! You could also set one up in your back yard if there are no community ones available – hide some chocolate eggs, or even decorate boiled eggs and hide those, write out a few clues and see if the children can find them.


Play Easter games


Make the traditional Easter egg hunt even more enjoyable by introducing your own Easter games, such as an egg and a spoon relay race, an egg toss, or an egg roll. Encourage your children to create new games of their own. If you have children of different ages, let the older ones teach the younger ones how to play. Be sure to include your neighbors and make this an annual affair for the whole community.

chocolate bunny

Bake some hot cross buns


If baking is your thing, why not make up a batch of hot cross buns, or resurrection buns as they are sometimes known. These sweet treats are simple to make – just look online for a recipe to suit you – and encourage discussion around the story of easter and Jesus. They also make a delicious breakfast or tea time snack with a cup of tea!


Make crispy chocolate cakes.


If your baking skills are not quite up to hot cross buns, but you want to make something sweet and delicious, why not whip up some super simple chocolate crispy cakes. All you need is some chocolate, some crushed cornflakes or rice crispies, and golden syrup. Melt the chocolate with the golden syrup and mix it into the crushed up cereal, before spooning it into cupcake cases and leaving to set in the fridge. You can even decorate them with mini eggs to make them look like mini bird nests!


Hold an Easter bonnet parade


Decorate some shop-bought straw hats with tissue paper and other crafty embellishments and hold an easter bonnet parade – the more fancy and artistic, the better. Give out prizes for the biggest, the best and the most original. 


Read the Easter story together


While having fun and getting creative for Easter is great, it is important that the true meaning and story behind the Christian festival is not forgotten. Sitting down and reading the story together, whether that is a book or looking at a digital version is a great way to spend some quality time together and remember why we celebrate this day. 


Find a way of retelling the story


A great way of making sure that your children know the story behind the festival is to get them to retell the story, perhaps to a younger brother or sister. Maybe they could make a comic strip of the story or, if they have access to a camera and the appropriate computer software, they could use stop motion animation to make a video.


There are all sorts of things that you can do to celebrate Easter with your children, whether you are religious or not. What are your ideas?


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